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So yes, the title is true... we're adding ranks. But not pay2win ranks! As Jack explains in his video, a few weeks ago Mojang emailed us telling us that we're not abiding by the EULA and that they want us to change the store. As you all know, from the beginning Skycade has strived to maintain a non-pay2win environment for all its players and we feel massively proud of how well we've achieved that so far.
We've always planned to go fully EULA compliant eventually, and instead of ignoring Mojang we decided now would be the perfect time to do so.

So from the 24th of April Skycade will no longer be selling anything on the store that doesn't comply with what Mojang want. So that means we're removing permissions packs, keys, and extra homes.
To compensate for this we're introducing new ranks! Unlike other factions servers, these ranks won't have any effect on gameplay. They're mainly cosmetic and do not include any kits or unfair advantages....
by WelshAlex at 9:55 PM
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We're opening applications for Builder rank, a brand new rank on the staff team!

Builder rank will give you access to the build server to help us build for new spawns, events etc. but will not give you staff permissions or responsibilities like muting and banning players. The rank will however mean you get to be in our staff chat, which means you're told things a little bit or sometimes a lot of time before the players!

If you fancy yourself a builder, you can apply to join the build team using this google link: Skycade Builder Application
by iiSpace at 12:13 AM
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Hello! Just a little update blog this time with some things that might interest you.

Factions (Classic & OP)

A few small things have been sorted which you guys will be happy to hear about

- Water will no longer turn to ice regardless of biome
- Spiders no longer drop spider eyes and now drop 0-2 string
- Airdrops now automatically drop at 2am UK time on Saturday
- If you're killed in your own land you now lose 2% of any non-achievement faction points earned
- TNT limit should be 800 again (sorry)
- Sugarcane can now be sold using a sellwand
- Airdrop bug has been fixed so people can no longer steal the loot before it unlocks, no more empty chests when it unlocks!
- /wild will no longer teleport you into an ocean

As you probably heard Factions spawn was destroyed. We fixed it up pretty quick thanks to the awesome staff team, but basically what happened was... Jack gave a hacker world edit and forgot to remove it. Watch his video...
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Hello! This is the first in what will become a monthly competition on Skyblock. Basically, I'll be running a themed building competition once a month and the winner will receive their own suffix, "the Designer".

The theme this month will be fantasy so that could be anything from dragons to castles.

All you have to do to join is to take a screenshot or a video of your build (make sure to include your username in the post too) and reply to this thread with it, at the end of the month I'll go through all of the submissions and choose a winner. For this first event, the deadline will be April 23rd so you've got plenty of time to finish the build!

If you have any questions about this then feel free to ask!
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This thread (hopefully) contains all the relevant information you need for season 9! Starting off with the information relevant to both servers, then ending with individual differences!

OP and Classic details

World Borders

- Overworld is 15,000
- Nether is 3,000
- End is 6,000

Airdrop Times
- Tuesday at 2am BST
- Tuesday at 7pm BST
- Wednesday at 10pm BST
- Thursday at 7pm BST
- Saturday at 2am BST

Grace Period
Grace period lasts 1 week precisely, so TNT and Creepers will be enabled at 4pm GMT on Saturday the 24th of March.

Custom Mob Drops
- Creepers have a chance of dropping TNT
- Iron Golems only drop Iron
- Cows only drop Raw Beef
- Ocelots have a chance to drop Creeper Eggs
- Witches drop potions... lots of potions.
- Not a custom drop but Blaze spawners are good for XP!

Custom Items & Bedrock
- You can use XP to buy Bedrock to build a better base! If you're level 30, you can buy 2 Bedrock at the shop.
- Cobblegen,...
by WelshAlex at 9:52 PM
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Just a short post detailing this season's purge!

If you don't know what the Purge is yet it's an event we host at the end of each OP(Factions) season inspired by the movie of the same name. Basically, for around 20 hours before we launch for the new season we let players hack, destroy spawn and so on just for fun!

Rules of the Purge

- The Purge only happens on Factions and OPFactions, anyone caught cheating in any other gamemode will still be banned.
- You're allowed to hack, bug abuse, destroy spawn - do whatever! What you're not allowed to do is break chat rules. So no spamming, cussing, disrespect etc.
- No hacking before or after the allocated time slot!

When is the Purge?

Friday 8pm GMT to Saturday 4pm GMT. Once season 8's world close, you stop hacking.

How can I buy the Purge kit?

Purge kit will be on the store from Thursday at 8pm so you can nab yourself a nice red nametag and a useful kit in game for your hacking needs! (Kit expires...
by WelshAlex at 8:30 PM
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The time has finally come, season 9 (Or season 2.3, whichever you want to call it) is upon us! On Saturday, March 17th, at 4pm GMT both Factions and OP Factions will reset.
Yes, even your enderchest.

We have quite a few substantial changes planned for this reset including but not limited to:

Custom Mob Drops
This should really spice up the season, and change the dynamic of the spawner economy!
- Iron Golems will no longer drop poppies, meaning you won't need poppy filters (hopefully less lag from hoppers yay!)
- Creepers will now occasionally drop TNT
- Witches will drop a wide variety of potions!

Boosting the value of XP
We're introducing a system in which you can use the XP you earn to purchase Bedrock!
Bedrock will take 12 hits of TNT to break, making it 3 times stronger than obsidian.
This adds ANOTHER element to the spawner economy - making any and all valuable on some level.

Factions Permissions

This is an element we've felt...
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Hey, just a quick announcement to let you guys know of the changes we've made to Prisons since release.

Firstly you now earn super crates and mythical crates by ranking up, as follows:

You won't be able to claim the ones you missed out on already, sorry!

Head to spawn and speak to the Quests villager to choose which quests you'd like to try today.

Last but not least, more mines have been unlocked!
You now have access to mines all the way to 16, enjoy.

That's all for now, other than a few minor changes not worth mentioning in an announcement!
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Yes, you read that right, Prison... on Skycade. Shocker I know!

We feel we've reached a point where we can expand the network further and open more opportunities for growth as well as provide you guys - our dedicated community - yet another gamemode to play on without having to worry too much about spending money to get ahead.

I think first and foremost I should say that this server wasn't designed or developed by us, the server initially launched a year or so ago by our good friend Peraldon and his partner in this project ASFJerome, so there's a decent chance a few of you might have already played it or seen his videos on it!
The server closed down several months ago so we decided to purchase it from Peraldon.
If you ever played there or have seen his streams you'll know that the server had ranks - rest assured no ranks will be in the Skycade version.

Now onto the part you'll actually care about: the gamemode itself.
This server is massively customised with custom enchants, a...
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Ewph, it has been a while since I made one of these - nearly 2 months! It was the holiday season though so forgive the wait.

But that does mean there has been a whole lot of changes since our last blog, but before we hop into all of that I just want to acknowledge the factions reset which you can read about here. The reset went amazingly, we broke our player record hitting 1,164 players on the network at one time and have since been over 1,000 several times. This is incredible and we'd like to thank you all for the continued support over the past 2 years.
Now let's hop into the updates:

Build Changes

We have a new hub! You may or may not have noticed but the hub is styled in a Red v Blue style, blue representing the non-PvP focused gamemodes and red representing our PvP gamemodes. As well as it being a new build you can now fly around on the 'Fly Pearls' and ride your pets...