Factions Season 21 will be releasing on the 29th May @ 6pm UK Time / 1pm EST

Factions Information

  • 10 mans, 20 Roster
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • 18 Hour Faction Shields
  • 15c Buffer
  • The map will last 3 weeks!
Prizes are given out every week starting one week after Grace.

Ftop 1: $60 USD & 60 Buycraft - $30/30 per week
Ftop 2: $30 USD & 30 Buycraft - $15/15 per week
Ftop 3: $16 USD & 16 Buycraft - $8/8...

Here are some changes that I have made for Cannoning 2.0!

> Implemented WineSpigot (as it's now on Factions)
> Bigger plots (1,000 by 1,000 (roughly))
> Added Magic Sand

> Added pre-generated walls

> Added Sandwands

> Added instant tntfill
Season 20 will be unlike any other season we previously had. On this special occasion, we’ve decided to put a trailer together showing off everything!
Watch it here:

Factions Season 20 will be releasing on the 3rd April @ 6pm UK Time / 1pm EST

Factions Information

  • 10 mans, 20 Roster
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • The Map will last 3 weeks!
  • F-Top will now be calculated based on overall spawner...
Apologies for such a short notice, however...

⚒ Creative is set to reset on Saturday the 27th of March (tomorrow), at 5pm UK // 12pm Eastern ⚒

Seeing as creative is quite empty nowadays, resetting tomorrow isn't much of a problem. The old creative server will stay open for a few weeks to allow people to copy or download their...
The end of Factions Season 19.5 is near, and with this comes Season 3 of KitMap! I would like to take this time to congratulate this season’s winners Twisted, earning a crazy 1.2bil points, GG!!

Firstly, KitMap will release on Saturday 20th March at 5pm UK Time / 1pm EST - Season 19.5 of Factions would also close then! We will be hosting a global sumo event on Thursday 18th March at 8pm UK Time / 3pm EST, where the winners will receive kitmap keys!

This also means that the...
Hey guys, I have recently decided that it should be my time to resign. This is mainly because i just don't really have the time to juggle my IRL job and being the staff manager here. I will be leaving the role with @NoSkill

I first saw Skycade in 2018 in Season 8 of factions and since then I have met a lot of new friends many of which I still talk to now. I'm not really sure what more to say here without blabbering on however I have really enjoyed playing and staffing on the...

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