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Hello! I've been a good little youtube boy recently so Alex has let me post this week's update blog!


Don't worry, it's not another rank that you can buy on the store! We're still working to improve our current ranks and have a lot of plans in development. Coming very soon are more 1v1 options and more silly chat stuff such as the new L we added recently.
The MVP rank will be an exclusive rank given to the top 3 store donators each month, and our top 10 highest donators of all time. We'll start from May, and then on the first of each month we'll check last months top 3 and give them the rank.
MVP will inherit diamond rank but with a fancy MVP prefix instead:

Here are some stats so you can see who has/might get MVP rank at the end of this month:
The Purge

As most of you know we recently announced the end of Season 9 and the release of a temporary KitMap until Season 10 comes...
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It's been another month and there's been loads more awesome builds. Not as many this time but still quite a few! The winners this time were @Lolfaced & @Kriisaa who helped!

Loved the other builds too, thank you for submitting them!

As you can tell by the title, this month I'm opening the competition up to SMP so I'm hoping that more people can join in and submit builds. The theme is futuristic, a little bit easier than last time. To enter, just reply to this thread with a video/screenshot of your build & your username.

You have until the 25th June.

The winner will receive their own 'the Designer' suffix and the rules are still the same. No stolen schematics or builds. Only post legitimate entries & not any stolen screenshots, doing any of these will result in a warning point on your account.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions!
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So, the time has come to end Season 9. With all realistic competition for f top dwindled, and it being peak exam season it's very much met its end.

Season 9 will officially conclude on Thursday the 31st at 9pm GMT, where f top points will be noted for next season's prizes.

Friday the 1st of June will be the beginning of... the PURGE. It'll start at 5pm GMT and will end when we close both gamemodes on Saturday.

When will Season 10 begin?

We're aware that June the 1st is peak exam period for most people, so don't worry, we're not starting season 10 immediately after ending season 9 ends like previous seasons. Instead we'll have...

Skycade KitMap Limited Time Only

The KitMap will be a filler for OP and Classic factions while we work on perfecting season 10 and while you guys worry about exams!

The KitMap will be a limited time gamemode with a small spawn, a small warzone and then unlimited kits. So you can make a faction...
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An update at 11pm on a Wednesday is a bit of a weird one, but we've just updated Prisons!
The following changes have been made:

- We've made the pickaxe you spawn in with when you first join kit basic (so efficiency 5)!

- Removed levelling from swords and axes, meaning you can enchant away without worrying about levelling them up.

- Reduced the failed enchantment punishment from 10 levels to 2 levels, so now if you try enchanting your pickaxe and it fails you only lose 2 pickaxe levels not 10.

- Adjusted crate rewards to make efficiency books, safety orbs and enchantment distillers way more common than before.

- Made it so you can prestige more than once!

We hope this makes the gamemode a little easier and fun for you all, now that you don't have to worry so much about your pickaxes breaking or never being able to get the Safety Orb you need etc.
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As you all likely know by now, we had some issues with OP Factions that resulted in the loss of a massive majority of Factions data. Which means your faction was probably deleted.

There's no easy way to deal with it, but this is what I think will work best and avoid the most confusion.
Before filling in the form, speak with your faction and ensure only one of you signs up to reclaim the base - preferably the owner but at least an officer.
If multiple people from the same faction sign up, I know something fishy is going on and it'll waste my time as well as probably get the person who shouldn't have signed up punished.

When signing up, you'll choose a timeslot of when you're available to reclaim the base - if you're not available during any of these timeslots, choose someone else from your faction.

Anyway, fill in the form and be on our discord during the timeslot you've chosen. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
If you...
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Okay, so I've got some bad news if you play OP Factions. Due to a bug upon the most recent restart, our factions plugin data has been corrupted resulting in the loss of most factions. Meaning, they were deleted.

Because of this OP Factions will be under maintenance for a few days while we work on a way to let factions on to claim their base back without the risk of it being broken into by other players unfairly.
To do this, we'll be allowing 1 user on from the faction and setting their power to a level where they can claim the base fully - we'll then rotate that player with another player from a different faction so that they can claim their base and so on until all big bases have been securely claimed.

Preempting some very reasonable questions, here's a few answers:

Are our homes, inventories and enderchests fine?

Yes. The only plugin that has lost data is the factions plugin, all of your personal data is secure.

What about f top? Is that gone?...
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Hello again! Just going to start off with a thank you for all of the entries, I really enjoyed looking at what you guys have built. It was pretty difficult choosing a winner but in the end @CarBen won with this build:

Some other pretty awesome builds that I liked were @druiditbeau's
and @SimplyMelody's
I could've put so many more here but I'd end up running out of space :p

So, the theme for this month is aquatic, a bit different from fantasy but still pretty broad. This means you can build anything from a simple fish to an underwater monument, get creative with what you make! The prize is still the same, you'll get your...
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So yes, the title is true... we're adding ranks. But not pay2win ranks! As Jack explains in his video, a few weeks ago Mojang emailed us telling us that we're not abiding by the EULA and that they want us to change the store. As you all know, from the beginning Skycade has strived to maintain a non-pay2win environment for all its players and we feel massively proud of how well we've achieved that so far.
We've always planned to go fully EULA compliant eventually, and instead of ignoring Mojang we decided now would be the perfect time to do so.

So from the 24th of April Skycade will no longer be selling anything on the store that doesn't comply with what Mojang want. So that means we're removing permissions packs, keys, and extra homes.
To compensate for this we're introducing new ranks! Unlike other factions servers, these ranks won't have any effect on gameplay. They're mainly cosmetic and do not include any kits or unfair advantages....
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We're opening applications for Builder rank, a brand new rank on the staff team!

Builder rank will give you access to the build server to help us build for new spawns, events etc. but will not give you staff permissions or responsibilities like muting and banning players. The rank will however mean you get to be in our staff chat, which means you're told things a little bit or sometimes a lot of time before the players!

If you fancy yourself a builder, you can apply to join the build team using this google link: Skycade Builder Application
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Hello! Just a little update blog this time with some things that might interest you.

Factions (Classic & OP)

A few small things have been sorted which you guys will be happy to hear about

- Water will no longer turn to ice regardless of biome
- Spiders no longer drop spider eyes and now drop 0-2 string
- Airdrops now automatically drop at 2am UK time on Saturday
- If you're killed in your own land you now lose 2% of any non-achievement faction points earned
- TNT limit should be 800 again (sorry)
- Sugarcane can now be sold using a sellwand
- Airdrop bug has been fixed so people can no longer steal the loot before it unlocks, no more empty chests when it unlocks!
- /wild will no longer teleport you into an ocean

As you probably heard Factions spawn was destroyed. We fixed it up pretty quick thanks to the awesome staff team, but basically what happened was... Jack gave a hacker world edit and forgot to remove it. Watch his video...