January's Mythical Creature Comp
Reviewing the entries for last month was like walking through a storybook! Everyone who participated will find a Thank you! left on their plot.
The winner is...
@adam_is_ugly IGN: _sure They included a story with their entry too and here it is
This world is comprised of shading and light blue powers that radiate from the waters. A...
Hi, and welcome to the thread so many of you have been waiting for! Yep, that's right, we're resetting Skyblock.

On Saturday the 26th of January at 6pm UK time we'll be resetting Skyblock with lots of new changes and updates.

You all want to know what changes we're making so I suppose I'll hop into it:

1 Realm

That's right, we're going back to having 1 realm. Following an in game poll it's clear players would prefer 1 realm with multiple island themes to...
Thank you for everyone who participated in the December Creative Build Comp! This was my first time having to review the applications and in the end I was surprised to find myself in tough spot and ended up choosing @Rosemary and her partner JadeHonor to be the winner among the other wonderful Christmas builds. And in saying that, here are some other competitors who even Santa would've enjoyed visiting:
[SPOILER="WinterRoseMary and JadeHonor's...

We've got a big update just released for KitPvP, this time coming from @Taon2 in his first project as part of the Dev team. Here's a list of all the cool stuff you can check out right now!

Kit Changes:

-Frosty ability, Shaco ability, and TeleporterKit ability now have 10 second cooldowns
-When using Sonic kit, you now lose your speed only if you get hit by another player, rather than you hitting someone.
-Sniper now has a sword...
Hello! As most of you know Skycade has always tried to be a friendly, non pay2win server that people can play & progress on without needing to spend IRL money.
Because of that we’ve never sold ranks that include perks and kits, and we gave everyone lots of permissions in game that on most servers you’d have to pay for such as /echest. We did however sell a few things such as /eat, /craft and crate keys to help us pay the bills. Last April we took this philosophy...
Another month of great entries, it was a struggle again to choose a final winner but I finally decided on @Forbi 's, congrats!

A few other builds I really liked were @Rabidus's -
and @HxpeR 's

The theme this month will be Christmas as many of you already guessed and the...

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