That's right, season 12 is upon us and right in time for Christmas! Season 11 had a fair few issues but overall we think it went well, and oh boy do we have some smashing new content coming at you for season 12!

Season 11 will come to an end on December the 8th, and immediately after season 12 will open. December the 8th at 5pm UK time! And yes, that means a purge... 24 full hours of all out hacking on Factions, starting on the 7th of December at 5pm until Factions closes and...
Hello! I know this thread is a little bit late this month but I've really enjoyed looking through the amazing entries, there's been so many! It took me a while to decide on a final winner but congrats to @DanSmexy with this entry -

Some other awesome builds were @Forbi 's,
@CuppaTee 's...

The time has come for KitPvP to reset. Some of you will remember the last time KitPvP 'reset' - it was just a map change and a stats reset, but players kept coins and kits. That will not be the case this time, along with a brand new map and some updates all statistics, coins and kits will be reset. This means everyone starts fresh, with just the default kits.

The reset will occur on Saturday November the 3rd at 5pm UK time!

This might frustrate some of the more...
Hello! The announcement so many of you have been waiting for is here, all the details on season 11 of Factions and OPFactions, and KitMap's future.

First and foremost as lots of you have been speculating I can confirm that OPFactions is being put on indefinite hiatus. What this means is that it won't be launching when we launch season 11 of Classic Factions but it's very possible that it will return at an undisclosed time in the near or not so near future!

So yes, season 11 of...
Hey everyone! As many of you may know, I’m resigning from my position as staff manager. This is because I’m starting university in a few days and won’t have time to do my job effectively. It therefore gives me great pleasure to let you all know that @iiSpace is the new staff manager! Space has done a great job as Admin and I’m sure she will continue to be great in her new role.

If you have submitted a staff application and it is in the process of being reviewed, please do...
Hey guys! As you can tell from the title, this month I'm moving the competition over to creative so that more people have a chance to enter even if they don't main the gamemode. There were loads of awesome entries last month though, thank you for submitting them, I really enjoyed looking through them! The winners this month are @Ked & @LiiBa - congrats!
Some other really nice builds were...

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