The end of season 10 of factions and opfactions has arrived, and with it comes a 2nd instalment of KitMap - this time with lots more improvements.

So first and foremost, season 10 will end on Saturday the 29th of September and as the season closes KitMap will open. This means that the purge will be from 5pm on Friday the 28th of September until the map closes the next day at 5pm. In traditional Skycade fashion the Purge will mean hacking is ALLOWED on OPFactions and Factions, and the...
Hello! Finally got around to writing this again, it's been awhile. As you all already know, the forums were deleted so last month's competition never had a chance to be judged. To keep things fair for those of you that had already built things or were in the process of building, there'll be another month of the same so that you can enter these builds.

If any of you weren't already aware of this competition, you have a month to build anything. There's no theme, just build whatever you...
Hello! First announcement on the new forums about gameplay, woo!

We've just introduced something called Crop Hoppers to both factions gamemodes, and if this trial goes well then we'll also look into adding them to both Skyblock realms.

What are Crop Hoppers and why have you added them?

Crop Hoppers is a plugin that allows players to get a special type of hopper called a Crop Hopper, what this hopper does is picks up ANY mob or farm drops in the chunk in which it's...
Yes, we are still alive!

It's been a while since there has been an announcement or any update in regards to the forums. We've been through quite an episode regarding the forums, all was running fine and then poof the forums were offline. The forums are back in the air now, and should be opening to the public not long after this announcement has been published.

Why has the website of the forum been offline, and where are all the posts?

As most of you have probably noticed, the...

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