Hi, everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the former and current KitPvP representatives for their contributions to the reset. Without them, I don't think this reset would have been as content-packed as it is. I appreciate all the feedback they give me and the ideas they bring to the table. And obviously thank you guys, the players, for forwarding your suggestions as well!

Now, let’s get into the juicy stuff.

KitPvP is due to reset on Saturday, November 21st, 2020, at...
Hello everyone!

Tomorrow (8th November 2020) will be Skycade's 6th anniversary! 🎉

Skycade has changed a lot since 2014, and we hope to improve and grow in the years to come.
To celebrate this anniversary, we have many events, rewards and sales available to everyone to enjoy!


We have a massive 40% SALE on the entire store (except unbans/unmutes) on purchases over...
November's Theme: Aquatic

How to enter: Reply to this thread with this format:

- Your username & Discord
- Building partner & Discord
- Title of your build
- A screenshot or image link from websites like Gyazo or Imgur of your plot
- Include the command to get to your plot, e.g. /p v iCarBen 1

- Only 1 entry per...
SMP will reset --Saturday October 31st-- at 5pm UK // 1pm EST

As a reset event, for the last 24 hours of SMP we will be setting player modes to Creative across all the SMP worlds! Also if you have World Downloader, take some time this week to save your favorite builds or take a screenshot and put it in our discord's #Skycade-Screenshots channel to share with others.

Little Changes...
- Added world location to sidebar
- New Events...
Factions is resetting Saturday, October 10th at 5pm UK // 12pm EST
In regards to the Purge, there will be no purge at the end of season 17. Instead we will directly jump into season 18! FTOP winners will be determined the morning of reset, before the server closes. The winners of factions 17 will receive a S17 suffix, and the owners of the top 3 factions will be receiving keys. Ftop 1 50 keys, Ftop 2 25 keys, Ftop 3 10 keys.

Some things that have been added to the...
Helloooo, I know you’ve all been waiting for this and it’s finally here!

Skyblock is resetting Saturday the 19th of September at 5pm UK // 12pm EST!

The top island (/is top) of Season 5 will receive a custom suffix and some keys for next season, they’ll be announced 24 hours before reset on discord in #content-updates, so if you have any blocks saved up then now is the time to place them!
The winners of Season 6 will also receive...

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