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Hello everyone!

Today there were some issues on Skyblock, where a hacker logged in and took control of some players accounts. The situation has been handled accordingly, and players have been unbanned. If anyone is still banned for being compromised, please change your password and appeal on the forums!

A few other quick announcements:

Skyblock has been rolled back to 4 pm BST 7/30/2017.
Reminder to NEVER click on or open suspicious links in chat. It just causes trouble!
SrMods and higher will soon be granted more permissions to more quickly solve similar issues.

A huge thank you to the other players, Helpers, and Mods who came on to help the situation through reporting it, controlling chat, and saving player's items.


Skyblock is back up and running, and a close eye will be kept on it.
by Taon2 at 12:03 AM
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Hello everybody!

As you may know, Jack's texture pack has been out of date for quite some time now, so I took up the idea of revamping it and making it look phenomenal. Including fan-created paintings, 3D block textures, and 3D item textures, I'm finally ready for the release. Any ideas, criticism, and comments are greatly appreciated! If you have a good idea, let me know and it may be added! Please keep in mind this is a pack compilation, I did not create the textures. I combined textures from many different packs to get this result. Thanks for the support while making this pack!

- Official Changelog -

  • Added 3D item textures for Levers, Tripwire Hooks, Repeaters, Comparators, Cauldrons, Brewing Stands, Hoppers, Rails, Flower Pots, Ladders, Doors, Vines, Glass Panes, Lily Pads, Painting, Item Frames, Cobwebs, and most importantly, Cakes.
  • Added 3D block textures for Dispensers, Droppers, Jukeboxes, Hay Block, Ladders, Doors, Furnaces, Trapdoors,...
by WelshAlex at 4:53 PM
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This upcoming Wednesday (the 26th of July) at 6pm BST I'll be hosting a faction tournament where 4 factions will be pitted against each other in a fight to the death!

In an arena we created 4 factions (8 players max each) will mine for gear and fight each other in a Bridges / Mini Walls style gamemode!
Factions have 10 minutes to mine and get their gear until the walls are dropped, and they can fight each other.
The winning faction of each round will earn 2 IGs and of course bragging rights!

Here's a picture of the arena for the event!

If you're a faction leader/member and would like to participate in the event with your faction then you can sign up below by replying to this forum post!

Be sure to include your faction name, and remember only 8 members per faction can play so choose wisely!
If you have less than 8 members you can choose to play anyway and hope to win against those with 8 factions.
If you're late to the event then you will miss out, no ifs or buts!...
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Hey everyone! As you may have seen on Alex's last staff blog, @ItzReece and I are going to be taking over the helper applications. Although it's long, if you're seriously considering applying, please read this whole post for some information on applying.

We're currently looking for applicants who meet some or all of the following:
- Play Skyblock
- Live in Australia or close to Australia
-Are experienced factions players who are knowledgeable with cannoning

If this doesn't apply to you, please do not be deterred from applying, these are simply the sort of staff we are currently in most need of.

Now for some tips on how to make a good application.
-Don't grab your nearest thesaurus and substitute a normal word for a fancy one. The majority of the time it doesn't make sense and breaks the flow of your writing.

-Don't lie. Don't say 'I am active on the forums' when in reality you have 5 posts. I will find out and I will deny...
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Welcome to the 7th blog, though it's not been too long since the last one a whole lot has gone on! Jumping right in, in no particular order:

Changes to staff management

Most of you don't know yet but Joe (Turkey_Dinosaur) has taken a step back from his role as staff manager, and responsibilities have been given to @ItzReece and @Holly! So from now on they'll be the ones reading staff applications and handling all helpers and mods. Joe will still be about doing things he enjoys, and as you'll have seen yesterday, he'll still be recording with Jack!

Rules and punishments

I spent some time the other day updating the rules thread and making it a bit more detailed. I've also added a reply, making the punishment timeline public! You can read it >> HERE <<
As most of you already know, punishments on Skycade are entirely public and...
by Holly at 12:39 PM
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Hey everyone! I've talked to Joe about our rules regarding alts and I want to bring to your attention a few things. Please read this post carefully to ensure you remain within the rules. Our full rules regarding alts are listed in this thread.

5 accounts per IP. Always.

  • Recently, we have had players who have been stuck in the following scenario: They log on using 5 accounts. Now, let's say I lose access to my account 'Holly'. I still have 5 accounts on my IP, yet I can only use 4 of them. I then ask a staff member if they can disregard the account Holly, so that I can use another alt. The staff member adds a note to my main account saying 'do not ban for alt limit'. I can then log on another alt. I now have 6 accounts associated with my IP, yet can only access 5 of them.

    This is not allowed. The first 5 accounts that you log into Skycade with...
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Looking back at the past few weeks we've made some minor changes and we'd like to bring you up to speed.

  • We've made some improvements to the overall Airdrop placement, they will no longer spawn high up in the air (They might still spawn above bushes but that will be resolved soon)
  • It's no longer possible to interact with item frames, place boats or nether crystals in faction claims.
  • You can no longer get damaged in the help area.
  • From now on you no longer receive fall damage when falling into the arena
  • We've (yes again) made changes to the way the restarting system on KitPVP works, it sometimes got stuck in either a shutdown or white listed state.

TNT Mechanics:
Now it's been noted again to me by our staff team that TNT mechanics remain a extremly big issue on Factions, while we are aware of this issue we can't Just fix it it's a very complicated matter to either work around or fix by making certain changes.

by WelshAlex at 1:13 AM
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In precisely 23 hours (Midnight UK time, as soon as July comes to be!) as soon as the spawner section of /warp shop will be open to the public and you can get your grubby hands on Iron Golem spawners!

In preparation, I've reviewed the sell prices for farmable materials and made several changes such as Iron, Gunpowder, Cactus and Leather to make a more balanced economy ready for the spawners release.

If you'd care to check the downstairs area of /warp shop to make sure the new prices seem fair to you then please do!

That's all, just a little reminder!
by WelshAlex at 10:03 PM
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It's been a minute since one of these were posted huh! A lot has happened since we posted the previous one, so let's get right into it.


As you all know we reset factions on the 17th and it went really well! Hopefully you're all enjoying it so far, Jack and Joe spent ages on spawn and I think it's the best one yet.
Spawners are back! Hope you're all enjoying that, and we start selling them at /warp shop on the 1st July - so save your money for some IGs :)
Other than that, we've made some changes to /warp end and you can now jump down through a few of the obsidian towers to a huge, flat surface, perfect for 1v1's or huge faction battles! That's about it for factions, hope you're enjoying and if you've got any comments feel free to shove them below.

Staff drama

Ahhhh there needs to be some doesn't there, is it really a Minecraft server if there's no petty drama?
Anyway, I don't want to spend too much time on this, this is just for...
by Jack at 4:45 PM
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Obviously with the Factions Reset happening on Saturday the 17th there has been a lot of questions about resets.

Me and the rest of management have been very apprehensive about reset events seen as the previous ones had so many issues with lag (remember my apology livestream? hahah).

Just so that we're clear btw to answer the "why don't you just buy better hosting?" question, we already have great hosting, but the way Minecraft is coded prevents us from having more than about 300 players in one gamemode without it causing mad lag. This is why we had no issues with events when the server was smaller, and lots of issues now that we're bigger.

That being said it would be such a shame to reset the server without doing anything special which is why I held the mini "setting warp at my base" event last night, which was a lot of fun. Video out next week!

And on Friday the 16th at 8pm UK we will be holding our most requested event, The...