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There has been a lot of talk and questions the last couple of weeks regarding when the server is going to be resetting, and i'm very excited to announce we finally have an answer for you!

Factions will be resetting at some point on Saturday the 11th of March.

This reset will mark Skycade's 5th season and I am so proud of everything the community has achieved since it's initial launch at the end of 2015. We have learnt a lot since then and I promise this will be our strongest and definitely most well-thought-out season yet.

The entire staff team have had a lot of input into what changes we should make so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know some of our current plans:

- Even more custom Biomes (there's some really fancy one's, elephant graveyard is a personal favorite).

- New and less laggy Spawn (Joe has been working very hard on this the last couple of weeks and I must say it is looking mighty fine!).

- Tweaked Economy (we intend to bring a lot more...
by Jack at 6:59 PM
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Whats up homies it your boi jacksucksatmc back at it again with another forum post :cool::cool::cool::cool:

I feel like we should start doing weekly announcements just so that you folks are kept in the loop with what our wonderful staff team have been up to.

The purpose of this thread is to let you know we do listen to your feedback and understand that a big problem on the server was people TP glitching their way into bases. You know, that thing where you set your home in water and when you tp to said home it finds the nearest dry spot.

Well thanks to the amazing @Riccardo Bello, from now on if you set your home in water or lava, you will find yourself getting either soggy or hot and spicy if you attempt to teleport to that home. This should hopefully eliminate, or at the very least drastically decrease the amount of tp glitching that occurs within Skycade.

As well as that we'd like to apologize for the recent crashes you might have experienced which...
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Hello Skycade!

As many of you have noticed our Factions server is having an increased amount of restarts, many of them being unannounced, these are due to crashes caused by a bug which were trying to resolve. The nature of this bug is still unknown to us and we may therefore be required to temporarily disable some systems on our server.

I hope that we'll have this bug smashed as soon as possible so you can all play undisturbed by the current amount of randomly occurring restarts.

This post will be updated as we find out more.

Update It appears were dealing with corrupt chunks, for the time being we blocked off the area.
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As you likely know a few months ago we revised our ban length times and made adjustments as we felt appropriate, that thread can be found here > <

However, we've decided to increase the punishment for xray to be in line with malicious hacks. It does more damage than most malicious hacks.

The new ban times now look like this:

by Dwayne at 9:02 PM
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Hello skycade!

Yes, the update that most of you did not want to occur is going to occur today. With this post I want to inform you all that at the start there may be some bugs and things that require tweaking to improve your experience in Factions.

Due to the update and the consequences it has to some systems we had in 1.8 there will be a certain amount of days until everything we can do to improve both our anti hacking system and 1.8 like pvp. I hope you will all respect a possible increase in restarts that may occur during the next few days and hope you will all slowly start to like 1.11 despite it's downsides.

Furthermore, if you find any issues with 1.11 feel free to post them in this thread and I will be sure to take note of your reported issues.

A few more details regarding 1.11:

  • The auctionhouse has been reset due to incompatibility with 1.11, warnings and announcements have been send in the past few days informing players to remove their items. Unfortunately...
by Joe at 4:24 PM
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As you may have noticed our player count has risen considerably in recent times and, unfortunately, there has been substantial increase in those using hacks too. We want to continue to improve the time you have on Skycade and appreciate that it can be difficult to enjoy a factions experience that is occasionally tarnished with hackers.

Due to this (and the fact there have been a few suggestions both in-game and on the forums), I had a discussion with senior staff members about extending punishment lengths. We have since reconsidered and the new sanctions are as follows:

Please note the current rule for ban evasion will remain – ban time is doubled for every evasion.

Revised ban lengths will come into effect immediately.

Any ongoing punishments or any expired bans will not be extended, though please make a note that the new sanction times will be implemented for your next ban;

Eg. You have been banned once before for 7 days for using...
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Hello skycade!

Yes as you have seen in the title SkyCade will be updating to Minecraft 1.11 soon... now we anticipate a lot of bells are going to ring with the introduction of this forum post, this mainly due to the fact that 1.9 introduces combat delays.

However rest assured we will not be keeping the combat delay Minecraft version 1.9 introduced. This however does mean that things like the shield, elytra and the different arrows will be added to SkyCade.

For a complete change log of what Minecraft version 1.9 or 1.10 added click on the links below:

Now just like most of you we don't like the combat overhaul Minecraft 1.9 has introduced, but if we continue to run on an outdated version of Minecraft bad things are going to...
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So as many of you know, we have added Custom Enchants. These enchants give you many advantages in and out of PvP. If you don't know them, here's a list.

Springs give you pretty much an infinite jump boost whenever you have it on. You can easily scale a mountain, and get away from other players who want to kill you. Springs can only be put on boots. There are only 5 types of Springs, Spring 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The higher the number the higher the jump.

Smelting is something that goes on your pick axe. Smelting turns every ore that needs to be smelted into the ingot. If you were to mine gold, a gold ingot would drop. Same goes for iron. This enchant saves you some time, sometimes much needed time. There are no types of "Smelting" just the one.

When you think of volley, you think of kicking something out of the air. With this type of volley, many arrows get shot out of your bow at once. If you aren't that good...
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The Rules Regarding Alts

The purpose of this thread is to cover the rules regarding alts as of 14/11/16. If you have any further questions, please feel free to make a thread in General Support.

What is an 'alt'?
An 'alt' is shorthand for 'alternative account'. This is an account that you own but do not use primarily. If you log on to SkyCade with an account other than your main account, it will be considered an alt.

How many alts can I use on SkyCade?
You may log on to SkyCade with up to 5 accounts. If 6 or more accounts are used, you will be banned on all accounts for alt abuse. This is to stop abuse such as having 30 accounts use kit monthly for you.

What about siblings?
When you join SkyCade, you connect with a unique IP. This is your Internet Protocol. Everyone who connects from the same internet connection has the same IP, therefore if you and a sibling both play in the same household, you will not be...
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As well as announcing the reset time tomorrow (see post below) I thought I should also let you know that we intend to close the Creative server down later next week.

Creative was a gamemode added during the Wrath of Dangthatsalongname, to appeal to his younger audience, when he was temporarily made owner of the server while I was dead.

As I have a slightly older teenage audience, aspire to create a successful PVP orientated server, and because no one plays it anyway, we concluded there is no place for Creative on Skycade.

We're leaving it up for the next 5-6 days to give you one last chance to take any screenshots of your builds and take a final stroll through the plots allowing you to reminisce all the magical times spent within this redunant monstrosity/

Shout out to Joe for never actually building a portal from Creative back into Factions even though I moaned about it everyday.

The new factions spawn doesn't have a creative portal so after the reset you'll need to do...