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So for a long time, we've tried to avoid having pay2win stuff like ranks on Skycade. But due to the success and popularity of the updated and far more OP Mystery Crate prizes, along with the results of a poll that was posted on the forums a few days ago, we have decided that it is about time we add ranks to Skycade!

I know many of you will be hesitant about this but trust be I thought long and hard because making this decision and I honestly feel like it is the right thing for Skycade as a server, and it is the best way that Skycade will grow.

So without further ado, here is a description of all of the new ranks and what perks they come with:

  • VIP (£10)
    • /back - Return to previous location
    • /ci - Clears your inventory.
    • #x Home locations. (/sethome)
    • VIP Kit
      • Diamond Sword (Sharp I)
      • Bow (Power I)
      • Diamond Shovel (Eff II)
      • Diamond...
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Obviously there has been quite a few complaints recently, on various issues such as staff inactivity, apathy and bug abuse. These issues are of course important, but the recent uproar is unnecessary and misguided.

First is the issue of staff inactivity... it's just not true. We generally have a very active staff team, as evidenced by the rate at which appeals and reports are handled, by how many bans and mutes we get (Check it's easy), by forum activity (5 of the top 10 most active forum posters are staff, 2 of the top 3 are SrMods) and lastly, which players can't see, by the activity of staff chats. We're constantly discussing new ideas, punishments & rules, testing new stuff and so on.
Staff are not inactive, but we do realise we need more staff. We're actively, as we always are, working on choosing more.

Next is the alleged issue with staff apathy, particularly in relation to server improvement. This is misguided. You do not see staff chat. If you did, you'd...
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Skywars has been officially launched on Skycade! (Yes we did it for the name)

You will be able to join our skywars-1 server through the portal located on the left of every hub, or by using the compass. The server skywars-2 will be launched if and when the demand for skywars becomes bigger.

Overtime we plan to add more maps depending on how popular Skywars will become on our network, we might potentially add teamed Skywars or a different game modifier.

Let us know what you think of the maps and loot tables in the crates and we'll try to improve based on your feedback.

Players are able to vote for the time of the day in a Skywars game, voting on the other options will come available to those who purchase it in our store.
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We've had an enormous amount of people asking us why we have our Factions player limit capped at 275 players and this post will hopefully answer that question to you.

We are hosting our Factions server on a server (a physical machine) that is dedicated to hosting just Factions, this server has one of the best Processors currently available for running Minecraft servers with high amounts of players on one game.

Now because Minecraft is programmed in such a way that it only uses 1 of the many cores a Processor has it will not allow us to get the full potential out of this server and we are only using 1/8th of it's capability. Therefore we can only wait for a more powerful Processor that has more single core performance that the Processor we have now, and thus are limited to the amount of players the server handles.

We of course do try to improve the overall server performance by improving our plugin's and configurations which has lead us to pass our 225 player mark about a month...
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As you know the reset happened, and I like to think it went pretty smoothly. Other than the 4 hour delay, there weren't many major bugs or issues which is nice. Fun fact: The Titanic took less time to sink than it took us to reset the map.

Anyway, it's been about 6 days now since the reset and we'd like to know your thoughts on the changes we made such as the shift to a farming economy, McMMO, the spawn/hub and all the other little changes made.

So please reply to the poll on this thread, we'd like to gauge your thoughts. If you'd like to expand on your response then feel free to reply below, I'll reply to as many as possible.

Thanks for the support following the reset, we've been hitting 300 players every day!
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The reset is just 3 days away and you can read all about it here >>

As most of you know the FFA happened today, we've just finished it. We didn't advertise it too much because we were worried about lag (and it lagged) but we did get well over 150 people participating.

The winners, from 5th place to 1st place respectively are as follows:

FearlessAsian winning himself 1 key, triangularDUCK winning himself 10 keys, Dizcos winning himself 25 keys, GaryBarlow (Turkey_Dinosaur//Joe) winning himself 50 keys and iAbusing winning himself a whooping 100 keys!

These keys will be given out as soon as the reset happens on the 11th.


Purge is set to happen from 8pm GMT on Friday to Saturday night when we go down to reset!
During purge you'll all be allowed to hack,...
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Skycade has been in bloody full swing the last few days and the reset map is looking pretty swell if I do say so myself. I just finished redesigning the crate key prizes for after the reset and I think you'll be pleased with the new stuff we have to offer.

Anyway since I announced the reset there has been a hell of a lot of talk about the standard end-of-map server events that we always do. AKA the FFA and Purge.


So I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit apprehensive about this event. When we were smaller an FFA was no issue because we only had 100 of you participating. But since the recent surge in popularity that my channel and server has had (thx btw) we're now more than likely to have a number closer to 300 participating. Sadly 300 people all pvping in the same area is very likely to create player lag. And before you say "update ur server hosting u greedy scumbags". Our server hosting is actually very good, it's more to do with the way Minecraft is coded,...
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There has been a lot of talk and questions the last couple of weeks regarding when the server is going to be resetting, and i'm very excited to announce we finally have an answer for you!

Factions will be resetting at some point on Saturday the 11th of March.

This reset will mark Skycade's 5th season and I am so proud of everything the community has achieved since it's initial launch at the end of 2015. We have learnt a lot since then and I promise this will be our strongest and definitely most well-thought-out season yet.

The entire staff team have had a lot of input into what changes we should make so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know some of our current plans:

- Even more custom Biomes (there's some really fancy one's, elephant graveyard is a personal favorite).

- New and less laggy Spawn (Joe has been working very hard on this the last couple of weeks and I must say it is looking mighty fine!).

- Tweaked Economy (we intend to bring a lot more...
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Whats up homies it your boi jacksucksatmc back at it again with another forum post :cool::cool::cool::cool:

I feel like we should start doing weekly announcements just so that you folks are kept in the loop with what our wonderful staff team have been up to.

The purpose of this thread is to let you know we do listen to your feedback and understand that a big problem on the server was people TP glitching their way into bases. You know, that thing where you set your home in water and when you tp to said home it finds the nearest dry spot.

Well thanks to the amazing @Riccardo Bello, from now on if you set your home in water or lava, you will find yourself getting either soggy or hot and spicy if you attempt to teleport to that home. This should hopefully eliminate, or at the very least drastically decrease the amount of tp glitching that occurs within Skycade.

As well as that we'd like to apologize for the recent crashes you might have experienced which...
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Hello Skycade!

As many of you have noticed our Factions server is having an increased amount of restarts, many of them being unannounced, these are due to crashes caused by a bug which were trying to resolve. The nature of this bug is still unknown to us and we may therefore be required to temporarily disable some systems on our server.

I hope that we'll have this bug smashed as soon as possible so you can all play undisturbed by the current amount of randomly occurring restarts.

This post will be updated as we find out more.

Update It appears were dealing with corrupt chunks, for the time being we blocked off the area.