by Jack at 1:14 PM
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After we brought EvoPVP's Skyblock to Skycade there were a lot of suggestions from people saying we should do the same thing with their KitPVP. We loved the idea so decided to purchase the awesome custom plugin from it's developer @WhiteWalker72 (big thank you to him)!

KitPVP will be launching tonight at around 8pm UK, here are some details:
- Progress from Evo will not carry over.
- Same plugin, new map.
- You can earn coins from kills and assists, you use those coins to unlock new kits.
- Over 50 kits to unlock!
- Soup PVP.
- If you don't wish to unlock kits with coins you can purchase crates from our store that will unlock a random kit instead.
- KitPVP will be 1.11 (I know not everyone likes this but there's nothing we can do about it as that's the best thing for plugin support).
- Your kills, deaths & kill streaks are all recorded on the side of your screen.
- Top players (in terms of most kills) are...
by WelshAlex at 8:38 PM
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Soooooooooo it has been a busy few weeks hasn't it... Suppose we should jump in at the beginning and work forward! All staff blogs will be posted in announcements from now on btw!


EvoPvP was Jack's first experience at owning a server, it's where I met Jack, Joe and Dwayne. Evo was a factions server that later developed into a network - originally owned by Jack, NoBoom and a manager called Macreddin - later MCFinest came on board. I won't go through the whole history of Evo, but things started to go downhill and eventually MCFinest Max was the only remaining owner. The server has been very unpopular for over a year now (it used to get 700+ players daily), and Jack had tried buying it many times. Last week, after a deal with a YouTuber fell through because of Max's inability to function as a human being, Evo was griefed by its staff and shut down. The Developer there was nice enough to give us their Skyblock gamemode, and that is why we now have...
by Jack at 12:48 PM
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So a couple of days ago I told you that Evopvp had closed down but we managed to salvage their Skyblock server.

We've been working on getting the server back up and running as well as tweaking it here and there to make it more Skycadey and we are finally done! Skyblock will be releasing around 6pm UK tonight (April 27th).

If you played Skyblock on Evo most of your progress should carry over onto the new server. We have however removed any ranks as we ain't about that kinda life here at Skycade. Kits that you previously had to pay for have now been converted into the free daily, weekly and fortnightly kits.

Evo sold 3 different tiers of crate keys which we have converted into 1 much cheaper "Evolution Crate" that will be priced very similar to our Mystery Crates over on Factions.

If you were an Evo player and you have any issues with the above then blame Max for ruining your server, it's nothing to do with me!

If you're a Skycade player then hopefully you're as...
by Jack at 6:53 PM
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Many of you will be aware of a server I used to own called Evopvp. Recently their server had a bit of an uprising and the staff all destroyed the server in protest against their useless owner.

I have acquired their Skyblock gamemode as it was a rather lovely little set up with a fairly active playerbase and it's would be a shame for it to go to waste.

We hope to have Skyblock live and playable within the next couple of days. Progress will continue where it left off on Evo.

This is great for us as if everything goes to plan our community will increase by a significant amount and you guys will all have something new to play!

For a more tongue-in-cheek version of this post check out:

by Joe at 10:11 PM
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Hi guys,
Just a short forum post to highlight some changes we've made to rules in the past few days.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the increase in glitching into bases using various methods. As Jack talked about in a previous post, this is to do with how Minecraft is coded rather than an issue on our end. Having said that, we have taken measures to minimise this such as disabling enderpearls in claimed land and disabling creeper damage on obsidian. Due to this, anyone caught using any method of glitching into bases will be permanently banned from the network.

Similarly, we have also seen an increase in those using WorldDownloader in inappropriate ways; we initially allowed this mod to be used to download your bases to single player etc., though have seen it used as an xray-like tool to assist in raiding. Due to this, we have decided that World Downloader is no longer an allowed mod and those found using it will be banned in a manner similar to x-ray - 30 days on a...
by WelshAlex at 2:02 PM
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Factions Aftermath has officially opened! You can join through the hub, the portal is open or you can use the compass.

The whole idea is a more hardcore, difficult version of factions than our main server.
We took the map from season 4 and made a new server with it, we deleted the end and reset the nether. But the overworld is the same as the day before reset!

We've set the overworld border to 7.5k, but basically all bases left in the overworld last season are still in the overworld. You can scavenge for any loot they left behind and take it for yourselves, we've also pasted in plenty of other bases for people to find!
The shop is very limited to add to the hardcore-feel of the realm.
Mobs are super OP too, so be careful of those! It's also constantly night time.

We've made some changes to crates for Aftermath specifically too, no longer can you just open your keys at spawn! If you purchase a crate, or a supply drop as is its proper name, you have to place it and protect it for...
by Jack at 7:29 PM
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So if you happen to have caught any quality content from the 38th most famous Jack on Youtube this week, you've probably heard that we're releasing a new Factions gamemode called Aftermath this Saturday.

I don't want to give away too many spoilers as to what exactly Aftermath is, but I highly suggest you watch episode 1 of my new series which will be coming out tomorrow a couple of hours before the server is set to launch.

But just in case you're not really into your JackSucksAtLife content i'll give you a mini overview of what to expect. Aftermath is not HCF, but it is far more hardcore version of our current Factions set up. Here are some of the main differences:

- No arena, to encourage lots of warzone PVP.
- A very very small warzone to encourage lots of trapping and griefing.
- No more mystery crate keys! We've developed a unique supply drop plugin to add more variation between gamemodes.
- Smaller world borders.
by WelshAlex at 5:03 PM
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Hello and welcome to the first ever Skycade staff blog, basically this is a little place for me to update you guys on server news, any changes we make and so on! I've posted this in the announcements because it's the first blog and is an introduction, but the rest will be posted in >> << I'll tweet from the Skycade twitter every time there's a new post so be sure to follow it to keep updated >> <<

Anyway, this one is just to introduce the blog and talk about a few little things.

Recently there has been quite an issue with people glitching into bases and we've been working hard to find solutions, we've deployed several fixes to help ensure that people can't glitch into your base:
  • We have made TP glitching almost impossible by allowing players to TP directly into water or lava, so that if they sethome (or use any other form of TP) in the water or lava around...
by Jack at 7:36 PM
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So for a long time, we've tried to avoid having pay2win stuff like ranks on Skycade. But due to the success and popularity of the updated and far more OP Mystery Crate prizes, along with the results of a poll that was posted on the forums a few days ago, we have decided that it is about time we add ranks to Skycade!

I know many of you will be hesitant about this but trust be I thought long and hard because making this decision and I honestly feel like it is the right thing for Skycade as a server, and it is the best way that Skycade will grow.

So without further ado, here is a description of all of the new ranks and what perks they come with:

  • VIP (£10)
    • /back - Return to previous location
    • /ci - Clears your inventory.
    • #x Home locations. (/sethome)
    • VIP Kit
      • Diamond Sword (Sharp I)
      • Bow (Power I)
      • Diamond Shovel (Eff II)
      • Diamond...
by WelshAlex at 11:16 PM
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Obviously there has been quite a few complaints recently, on various issues such as staff inactivity, apathy and bug abuse. These issues are of course important, but the recent uproar is unnecessary and misguided.

First is the issue of staff inactivity... it's just not true. We generally have a very active staff team, as evidenced by the rate at which appeals and reports are handled, by how many bans and mutes we get (Check it's easy), by forum activity (5 of the top 10 most active forum posters are staff, 2 of the top 3 are SrMods) and lastly, which players can't see, by the activity of staff chats. We're constantly discussing new ideas, punishments & rules, testing new stuff and so on.
Staff are not inactive, but we do realise we need more staff. We're actively, as we always are, working on choosing more.

Next is the alleged issue with staff apathy, particularly in relation to server improvement. This is misguided. You do not see staff chat. If you did, you'd...