by dwayne at 10:05 PM
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Lately we've been discussing adding mcMMO to SkyCade. We've always been against it but think it could make a nice addition of entertainment while grinding, farming and the like.

Now if we were to add mcMMO we ourselves would definitely not like to see the combat aspects in the game, that being said: axes, swords, unarmed, archery and the fighting of companions.

Let us know what your opinion is about adding mcMMO using the poll in this thread.
by WelshAlex at 11:49 PM
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From this point onward players have two weeks to appeal against a ban or a mute if they think the evidence is insufficient / false!

After two weeks the evidence will be assumed as true / correct and will no longer be up for debate - allowing staff to delete it without worry of appeal.

We took this decision because of three reasons:

- Evidence takes up a lot of hard drive space, particularly video evidence, and is very hard to keep track of.
- Two weeks is plenty of time to appeal a claimed false ban!
- If a staff member leaves the team, the players they punished can't simply be unbanned / muted.

Players that fail to appeal within two weeks can of course still appeal on other grounds e.g. apologising and accepting they were wrong.
by Joe at 10:25 PM
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Hey everyone!

Voting for Skycade on server lists is extremely important, it gives the server external promotion and raises the player count. The more votes we get, the larger our community gets!

As you probably know, we've been rewarding those who vote for a while with Voting Keys, which, although not giving the super OP items that Mystery Crates do, still allow the chance of winning some pretty awesome gear. From money to bedrock, TNT to obsidian, the opportunity to open three crates a day has been available.

Now, however, we want to thank you for your support in voting and are now offering MYSTERY CRATE KEYS as a reward for your continuous voting and support on the server. Down below are the rewards for voting a certain number of times:

25 votes = 1 mysterycrate key
50 = 2 mysterycrate key
100 = 5 mysterycrate keys

That's right folks, voting for the server 100 times will result in you bagging 5 Mystery Crate Keys to use whenever you please. Cool, eh? And the rewards don't...
by Joe at 8:27 PM
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Hey guys!

As a lot of the eagle eyed amongst you will probably have already spotted, we have implemented a shiny new duel system which allows for selections of both kits AND arenas in a friendly GUI.

Currently, we've added initial kits and arenas and are actively listening to your suggestions and tweaking them to ensure this system is the best it can be.

My challenge to you is to venture onto the creative server and build me new arenas- the best ones will be added to this plugin so the players of Skycade can slit each other's throats all over your build. Lovely!

There is no theme to the competition other than it must be an epic place to duel; it could be anything from a peaceful jungle to a dramatic sci-fi build! Bonus points for creativity!

I will announce the winners of this competition on the 28th of July- two weeks from today. I'll make a cheeky little video Turkey's touring my favourites and giving away the prizes.

Submissions can be made on your creative plot or sent as...
by Jack at 12:45 PM
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So as many of you know a month or so ago I gave my friend Scott main ownership of the server because I was planning to travel Australia so I needed someone to look after things for me and make videos while I was gone.

But after much deliberation and discussion from the whole Skycade team, we have all mutually decided (including Scott) that it is time that he steps down as owner of the server.

The process of taking a fully set up server that had a reasonably large player base from me and giving full control to another completely different youtuber that had no experience of owning a server and a totally different audience seemed like a good idea in theory. But in practise unfortunately it just lead to a lot of conflict and rivalry between my old lads and Scott's new boyos.

Scott and I have totally different audiences and it was foolish of me to expect everything would just run smoothly. Even though Scott didn't do anything massively wrong and did a great job of promoting the...
by dwayne at 10:26 PM
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The Factions reset is live!

With a small delay on the initial reset time we successfully reset factions this Saturday! This time around we decided to go with a variant of Op Factions instead of the regular enchanting limits.

Although we have our enchants limited around 10 for armor and 13 for weapon based enchants these values might change in the coming days. We did some PVP testing before the reset but we can never test it as well as we can in production.

The same thing goes for the Economy, we may find prices that are to high or to low according to player responses. If prices don't seem to be correct or cause inflation, too hard to get items and similar we will adjust the prices accordingly.

As for the Auction House, we are currently testing different options. As many of you know the last one we had caused a major Inflation in the economy system. We can't make any promises, but our goal is to bring in a new Auction...
by Jack at 2:25 PM
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So recently the Skycade management team decided that we would reset Factions at the beginning of August, but due to recent developments with the economy we have decided to push this date forward to the 2nd of July.

In this reset we plan to prevent any economy exploits from happening again, as well as getting a new spawn (built primarily by the man himself King Turkz), a new duel system, some exciting tweaks to the kits and even some more youtubers!

I know that even before the exploit which occurred yesterday there were already several players who were far too op for their own good so i'm sure you're all excited about this reset. I recommend you use the remaining 10 days on this map to just rain total chaos on each other with your army of golems and bedrock castles! There isn't much else to be said on this matter other than we'll be reintroducing "After Reset Keys" to the store shortly so that you can get some discounted Mystery Crate Keys as soon as the new map launches.

by Jack at 7:14 PM
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So we've listened to your feedback and have once again added some more items to the infamous Mystery Crates! The main issue seemed to be that now that the reset was a while ago the money that you used to be able to win didn't feel like as much, so I've added some higher values (500 big ones!) as well as a bunch of other stuff I feel is pretty cool.

Here is a list of stuff that was already available:
Full diamond protection 1, full diamond protection 2, full diamond protection 3, full diamond protection 4, full diamond protection 5, kit daily, kit weekly, kit monthly, Jack's Ripper - sharpness 5 sword with looting 3, diamond pic axe with fortune 3, diamond pic axe with silk touch 1, Lucky Hat - golden helmet with protection 5, unbreaking 3 and aqua infinity 1, 2304 carrots, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000. $100,000, 32 obsidian, 128 obsidian, 64 gold blocks, 32 diamond blocks, 16 emerald blocks, 8 bedrock, 1 bedrock, another mystery key, 8 creeper eggs, 64 tnt, 32...
by ItzReece at 2:01 PM
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Before i get into this thread i just want to mention that Adam's thread about the reset which you can go and check out here: inspired me to write this thread as some people might want some extra things added to SkyCade.

This thread is only going to be a small thread as all i really want to do is ask one question.

Is there anything you want added to SkyCade?

For example: Plugins, Custom Enchants etc

If there is something that you can think of that you would like added to SkyCade, please reply to this thread with your suggestion. If you think SkyCade is a good server as it is please vote "No" in the poll.

Thank you for reading this thread. I hope to get some good suggestions from you guys.
by Adam at 8:33 PM
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So after a very successful start to skycade we have finally reset! I’d just personally like to thank everyone that has stuck around since the start and hope you stick around for as long as you can, because we’ve got a lot of big plans for skycade.

In this reset we’ve added a bunch of the new things and tweaked a lot of stuff that you guys didn’t like, I hope you enjoy detailed posts because that’s what you’ve signed up for by reading this.

Firstly and most importantly we have a new spawn for you all to explore and enjoy, courtesy of one of our good friends. I hope you all enjoy finding the little easter eggs that have been included in the spawn and enjoy our brand new parkour made by Jack himself, there is also a new market design which is pretty stunning, the market can be found in the northwest. Also we have a new tutorial area, where you can find out more about the server, this is located in the northeast!

Moving on swiftly we have the custom generation, now...​