by Jack at 2:24 PM
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I get a bunch of questions from people asking me what you can actually win in crates. So now we have a forums I thought this would be the perfect place to post a comprehensive list of everything available to win when you purchase a crate key:

Full diamond protection 1, full diamond protection 2, full diamond protection 3, full diamond protection 4, full diamond protection 5, kit daily, kit weekly, kit monthly, Jack's Ripper - sharpness 5 sword with looting 3, diamond pic axe with fortune 3, diamond pic axe with silk touch 1, Lucky Hat - golden helmet with protection 5, unbreaking 3 and aqua infinity 1, 2304 carrots, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000. $100,000, 32 obsidian, 128 obsidian, 64 gold blocks, 32 diamond blocks, 16 emerald blocks, 8 bedrock, 1 bedrock, another mystery key, 8 creeper eggs, stack of tnt, 32 trapped chests, tnt cannon kit, cow spawner, skeleton spawner, zombie spawner, 3 wither skulls, 9 strength 2 potions, 50 Shades of Grey....
by Dwayne at 8:20 PM
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We made some changes to the way a wither behaves to the following blocks:
  • Gold Block
  • Diamond Block
  • Emerald Block
  • Bedrock

Withers are no longer able to break these blocks making it more difficult for people to raid found bases.
by Dwayne at 1:02 PM
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Yes, the forums are finally up!

I hope the forums will become an active part in the community and many suggestions will grow here, do not forget to introduce yourself!