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  1. Jay Garfinkel
    Jay Garfinkel yescookies4me
    Hey nocookies4me, for some reason i got banned on skycade and i dont know what i did. My brother recently got banned for hacking on the server and then when i tried to log on it said, "Banned for: ban invading - legionhosted" but i never played on his account. My username is LegionMystiic and i have never hacked on the server. I love this server and want to play on it
    1. yescookies4me
      Mar 28, 2017 at 6:09 AM
  2. Solar_Flare (Taon2 fan)
  3. xKhepri
    Is named estulkharadafanas
  4. xKhepri
    Is an undercover dodo bird
  5. xKhepri
    Is going to say something witty
  6. xKhepri
    Is spamming statuses
  7. DemonicAstroid
  8. xKhepri
    Is not playing skykade
  9. xKhepri
    Is Making a ban appeal for Arkalyte
  10. DemonicAstroid
  11. PickleZ
    PickleZ MrCelsius
    Ignorant, rude, and just a general negativity the server does not need.
  12. Courtneeii
    Lowkey hate my current name on forums, I hate the name "Courtneeii".
  13. xAlfieMCx
    Member of TheElementals!
  14. _SquishyPvp_
    _SquishyPvp_ Jack
    Get better soon jack!
  15. PinkIt
    I'm not a person , I'm a slime :p , but you can call me The Riddler because I like riddles
  16. JustDannayy
    1. Luuk5283
      Mar 27, 2017 at 4:11 PM
  17. Gijs van Haperen
  18. Luxury
    Luxury McSlushie
    (✿◠‿◠) I used the faces not excessively and the kid reported what Gatsu did was spam <3
  19. Gijs van Haperen
    Gijs van Haperen Joe
    Ey op!
    Mr Carrot King, AKA Joe!
    just wanted to wish you a happy day lad!
    (diddle jack, he needs it)
  20. AWNGaming