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  1. ImADumbOne
  2. Pengu ♥
    Pengu ♥ smashisnotugly
    Epic Sax Guy... More like...
  3. Pengu ♥
    Pengu ♥
    Just because someone guessed your password, doesn't mean you have been hacked.
  4. TheNoombie
    TheNoombie Shadowgamersix
    What was your pwarp's name/the pwarp near your house?
  5. 5BeanBurritos
    guys it wasn't actually my birthday... i didn't mawke this account.
  6. Hornet405
    Can't think of anything inspirational to put here :/
    1. Pengu ♥
      Pengu ♥
      Don't think, just do!
      Feb 23, 2018 at 5:48 PM
  7. Lucindq
  8. HelpMe
  9. Pengu ♥
    Pengu ♥ Jack
    You need to update your status, lol
  10. Pengu ♥
    Pengu ♥ Devinac
    Did you come on to this forums just to insult Jack's content, or what?
  11. Duhbzi
    Duhbzi Jack
    follow me for free 10 million subscribe plaque no scam
  12. WhySoFancy
    WhySoFancy JustNoo
    heh how dids you get 4k msgs before i got 4k likes ;-;
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  13. Duhbzi
    Duhbzi Joostagram
    Accepted, locked?
  14. Duhbzi
  15. DanielPlays
  16. Mr. Johnson
  17. XxWarpXxX
  18. XxWarpXxX
  19. Karl Henderson
    Karl Henderson
    I am a weeb expert, I understand all about weebs and how to identify them! All who disagree with me are weebs!
  20. Nemo_
    Nemo_ Mr_Oz13
    Hey Oz I heard your one of the Aussie mods. I haven't seen you on before but we will probably meet, so hi!