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Recent content by 1235_John

  1. 1235_John

    I have had enough.

    I used to adore the staff team and I used to see them all the time in game. Now I see none of them. On KitPvp its always infested with hackers. I have had enough of reporting them, only for them to keep killing everyone for half an hour longer. There needs to be staff members online. I come...
  2. 1235_John


    Oh yeah, of course, because you said you weren't cheating or using vape that MUST mean you weren't cheating! It's not as if people are capable of lying is it? Of course not!
  3. 1235_John


    If you were only going to use it every so often then you wouldn't pay to use it, you would use a free client. Get out of here, you've made a complete clown of your self. And your cheating is blatant and so is Logan's.
  4. 1235_John

    Quitting skycade

    I think your perm mute was justified since you were muted on four other occasions and you didn't learn your lesson.
  5. 1235_John

    Quitting skycade

    It's kinda your fault you got muted.
  6. 1235_John

    Addressing the quitting epidemic.

    Part of it might be because Jack no longer uploads skycade content on his main channel.
  7. 1235_John

    Hi, I'm GD Declan.

    Ok? No one cares? 53 subscribers is nothing.
  8. 1235_John

    Emt3 Hacking

    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: Emt3 Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  9. 1235_John

    Lonely_Fisherman Hacking

    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: Lonely_Fisherman Offence: Jesus hacks Evidence:
  10. 1235_John


    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: BurritoBros Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  11. 1235_John

    I need a ban removing

    My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Malicious hacks What I need: Bloody MrSwalbert accidentally banned me instead of the player I was reporting! LOL! He unbanned me, but I think the ban is still on my account, and I want a clean record, so please could I have it removed? I REQUIRE £5 IN STORE CREDIT IN...
  12. 1235_John


    Offender`s IGN: KaputtGull My IGN:1235_John Offence: Reach Evidence: Thankyou! :D
  13. 1235_John

    iFuhrer anti-kb

    Offender`s IGN: iFuhrer My IGN:1235_John Offence: Anti- Knockback Evidence:
  14. 1235_John

    5tips possibly hacking.

    Offender`s IGN: 5tips My IGN: Offence: Possible killaura, you can decide from the evidence I have. Evidence:
  15. 1235_John

    Jonathan_Ayres hacking

    Offender`s IGN: Jonathan_Ayres My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Killaura Evidence: