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Recent content by LuqDude

  1. LuqDude

    What Defines a "Skycade Legend"?

    awhile ago @Kaissa said I was nice so clearly me
  2. LuqDude

    About one of the KitPvP signs...

    I mean a sr mod even changed his ign to xSimp or smth like that so of course its appropriate
  3. LuqDude


    why would you make one thread, get it locked, and then make another thread with the exact same content? Locked.
  4. LuqDude

    second ban appeal

    Spamming appeals will get a warning point added to your account. Also, it wasnt the whole staff team who banned you smh
  5. LuqDude

    ban appeal

    On top of that, forgot to add Icy and MelissaWDS, who had the two most recent bans.
  6. LuqDude

    ban appeal

    you didnt even screenshot the other page of bans, sounds like your not being sincere with this appeal man smh
  7. LuqDude


    <insert some funny joke here cause i cant think of one>
  8. LuqDude


    don't make these sorts of reports, it's jack he can basically do whatever he wants as yknow he owns the server. also evi older than 2 weeks isn't even sufficient Locked
  9. LuqDude

    discord unban

    Would say stop making appeals but your forums account is already banned. Locked.
  10. LuqDude

    Mute Appeal - Jack Was ON

    You shouldn't have been spamming, but since Jack was online I'll treat this as a special case and just keep the mute on your history but unmute you (so if you get muted it will be 3rd offense as opposed to 2nd) Locked.
  11. LuqDude

    Unban Discord

    It's been a day and you were spamming a ton and being innap. Denied, Locked.
  12. LuqDude

    Un mute please consider

    Stop making appeals, youve already been told multiple times to stop and wait out your mute. You made this thread 2mins after your last one was denied. Making more threads won't increase your chances to get unmuted, but it will increase your chances of getting a warning point. Denied, Locked.
  13. LuqDude

    False ban?

    This is not me denying your appeal, its just me providing the evidence for another staff member to look at
  14. LuqDude

    AUTHME - Plugin Suggestions

    Edited to remove excessive colors, please only use things like colors and bold text for showing emphasis. Please use the edit button instead of double posting. I also don't really see a use for this. Alt limit bans are done because people have broken the alt limit. Normally when someone does...
  15. LuqDude

    Lava broken on KitPvP

    Restart fixes it, and the underlying cause has been reported to devs. Locked.