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Recent content by LuqDude

  1. LuqDude

    whenever i try to join skyblock or skygrid it says...

    can you try what i said here?
  2. LuqDude

    whenever i try to join skyblock or skygrid it says...

    try to connect to proxy04.skycade.net instead of play.skycade.net - this is a temp fix but it should let you connect to skyblock/skygrid until a more permanent fix can be made (if proxy04 dosent work try proxy05)
  3. LuqDude

    when the hackers get banned

    best thing ive seen all day
  4. LuqDude

    How to Apply for Staff - Skycade 101

    i really needed this thanks
  5. LuqDude

    Who your favorite staff.

    there's this dude called Luq and he plays skyblock and seems like a nice dude
  6. LuqDude

    Who’s your favorite mini mod

    my favorite has to be that random luqdude guy who plays skyblock or something
  7. LuqDude

    Skycade Weekly [Week 65]

    something tells me you missed something here other than that small mistake, nice job like always
  8. LuqDude

    Skycade101 - How to MiniMod

    im famous
  9. LuqDude

    Are stripp clubs allowed?

    I'm just gonna say no with how it can get very innap very quickly
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  12. LuqDude

    Hi there (lots of pet pics)

    Welcome to skycade! You really weren't lying when you said lots of pet pics though... Honestly it’s pretty cool seeing thats many pets
  13. LuqDude

    Can't connect to skyblock?

    As a temporary fix, please try connecting with proxy04.skycade.net instead of the regular play.skycade.net. Keep on using that ip for now until a more permanent bug fix can be made.
  14. LuqDude


  15. LuqDude

    true but still a meanie

    true but still a meanie