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Recent content by AidenLikesPancakes

  1. AidenLikesPancakes

    Remove shulker boxes from lunar crates (skyblock)

    no need for you to get involved in something which isn't your business
  2. AidenLikesPancakes

    My Resignation

    hahah so funny ahahah please delete this awful post
  3. AidenLikesPancakes

    im gonna miss you <3, keep in contact, good luck with uni

    im gonna miss you <3, keep in contact, good luck with uni
  4. AidenLikesPancakes

    My Resignation

    centurion, I remember that time on SMP you told me to "stop being a leech and advertise my stream", im sorry if I annoyed you, you were a great admin. good luck with life <3
  5. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    who even are you lol
  6. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    who are you? just want to mention I might be back in 2 weeks - 1 month, im not quitting forever :( just for the foreseeable future so i can sort out my mental health and do some other epic stuff, like be an epic gamer footballer goalkeeper! im going to be signing off the forums now, cya then if...
  7. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    ill miss you to <3 cya! no more star jumps :(
  8. AidenLikesPancakes

    Skycade furrys

    This thread is indeed, a yo mama moment
  9. AidenLikesPancakes

    happy birthday epic gamer, hope u have le epic day gamer

    happy birthday epic gamer, hope u have le epic day gamer
  10. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    cya qt ur to epic for a tag cya :( might come back to discord tho
  11. AidenLikesPancakes

    Peace out gamers <3 qt's

    Peace out gamers <3 qt's
  12. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    just wanted to add some extra detail to why im quitting, sorry guys, im not trying to drag on this cringe thread I just want to also share more in depth why im quitting,
  13. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    neither would I tbh cya qt ily
  14. AidenLikesPancakes


    goodbye, hope to keep in contact with you
  15. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    Im leaving this server. its full of jack fanboys, the server is dying because staff don't listen to the community. I haven't been happy on the server since 2018, its boring now and im leaving for good. thank you all for being here, I might still come on from time to time to make sure my pwarp...