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Rando - October (Unknown Day) 2017 - (Unknown Month/day)2019
Diamond - (Unknown Month) 2019 - Jan 10th 2019
Helper - Jan 10th 2019 - Feb 10th 2019
Rando Mod - Feb 10th 2019 - ???

<3 Hope you have a great day <3

~ apartmentalize
Feb 4, 2005 (Age: 14)


Apartmentalize is all of the following:
"Rando" ,"Special Skycade person", "Skycade spaffd", "Modertator", "Crazy rainbow Disco ninja", "ApartmentaFriend", "B A D", "RandoHelperMod", "Minimod", "Baderator", "demoted", "i dont even know what", "B tier", "egg", "potato"


(っ◔◡◔)っ 💜
*He gifted you a heart <3*
If you are super nice you can even give a huggle


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