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Recent content by CarBen

  1. CarBen

    hackinator halp

    Thank you for reporting! Accepted, locked.
  2. CarBen

    nae nae pls

    Thank you for taking the time to appeal! I've reduced your mute to 4 days. Accepted, locked.
  3. CarBen

    I think I was accidentally banned.....

    You were banned for spam four days ago. Please use that information to make a new appeal. Locked.
  4. CarBen


    Hey, please don't post threads like this. Locked.
  5. CarBen

    fasely muted lmao

    Accepted, locked.
  6. CarBen

    Unfair Discord Ban.

    Hey, the evidence from the report shows that you sent the same message five times within a fairly short period of time, which flooded the channel and is considered spam. Denied, locked.
  7. CarBen

    Ban appeal.

    Thank you for taking the time to appeal! Accepted, locked.
  8. CarBen

    Ban apeal.

    Hey, please wait out the remainder of the ban. The length has been fixed to 1 day. Denied, locked.
  9. CarBen

    Ban apppppel

  10. CarBen

    discord ban D:

    Please be sure to be appropriate in the Discord server. Accepted, locked.
  11. CarBen

    Randomly Banned (So confused rn)

    Accepted, locked.
  12. CarBen


    Fixed, sorry about that! Locked.
  13. CarBen

    Hi there

    Hi there
  14. CarBen

    Prisons - Advertising

    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, locked.
  15. CarBen

    Two in One - Prisons

    Thank you for reporting! Accepted, locked.