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Reactions given by Chypre

  • Chypre
    Chypre reacted Agree to Sionnach_'s post in the thread Ender Chests on Prison.
    I feel there should be E chests at the mins on the prison server. Maybe they could be on the sand by the shop and TP guy.
  • Chypre
    Chypre reacted Agree to Realtra's post in the thread KitPvP Revamp Suggestions.
    Okay, so basically Taon2, the developer of the server, asked us to make forum threads of suggestions we have for the kitpvp revamp. I...
  • Chypre
    Chypre reacted Agree to suzukiie's post in the thread False ban.
    Platform: server Punished by: Melissawds Reason: minor bug abuse Date of punishment: 10/10/19 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: As...