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    I LOVE YOU <3 im glad we met bb, we can always go edate on other servers? we can move to minesaga and play skyblock i have a rank there...
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    My IGN- celxstial Offender's IGN- SnowyCat55 Offence- KA + AntiKB (I forgot to ban them when I was still a mod) Evidence-
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    ClanMitchell reacted Sad to Joostagram's post in the thread uhm wat.
    Denied, we have more than enough proof that shows that you clearly knew they were duping. You profited off of it and hurt SMP's economy...
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    HEy guys as some of you saw i was banned for duping. I didn't dupe and once i became aware i stopped selling. *first two days wasnt...
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    yeah cos who doesn't like 13 year olds deciding to make a forum post for a minecraft server coming out, these girls be attention seeking...
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    Fatigue and anxiety is not the best combination xD I'm going to take a week and a half (ish) break :p Ily all <3
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    okay scratch that, i don't know if im coming back. i might, i might not. probably not. i'll make an 'official' post if i end up...
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    I'm afraid not
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