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Reactions given by dustylog

  • dustylog
    dustylog reacted Disagree to SeniorChild's post in the thread Sorry..
    My IGN: NotDebut Platform: (Discord, server, forums). server Punished by: NoCookies4me Reason: Targetted disrespect. Date of punishment...
  • dustylog
    dustylog reacted Disagree to Easy's post in the thread update 1.12.2.
    this is more serious why we need 1.12.2 - this server has been stuck on 1.8 for ages now. fighting is just people charging at each other...
  • dustylog
    dustylog reacted Disagree to Dictator_Alideen's post on iCharlotte_x's profile.
    lOOk at all the turned on 12 year olds on your pwofile!!! such un christian like behaviour here vewy bad girl! Denied Locked