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Reactions given by ePhat

  • ePhat
    ePhat reacted Sad to Duckowap's post in the thread My Demotion.
    To start this, I would like to say that this is in no way bashing the Skycade staff team, I loved my time there and everyone was super...
  • ePhat
    My IGN: SKILLSHOTZZZ Offender's IGN: ePhat Offence: Targeting on KitPvP. Evidence: Link below *Don't mind the music, I have a good...
  • ePhat
    ePhat reacted Sad to BirbPerson's post in the thread rip closet cheater.
    My IGN: dlyn Offender's IGN: acclimatize Offence: malicious hacks Evidence: headsnaps from dab onto me then back to dab most blatant...