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Recent content by GarlicBreadDude

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  3. GarlicBreadDude

    I am James.

    when you learn the word avid and love it
  4. GarlicBreadDude

    i am kelly

    Hiya Kelly! What things do you base your 3D models off?
  5. GarlicBreadDude

    Intorducing Myself -SneakyGrandpa

    You play Minecraft right... Apparently now your "poopy PC" can also run Minecraft as well as ROBLOX. But I hope we can be friends! P.S. Grandpas are not that sneaky
  6. GarlicBreadDude

    Hiim Bingkob

    Hail KingBob. What land dost thy rule?
  7. GarlicBreadDude

    Archie's Reintroduction

    Howdy! In reference to Skycade, what gamemode do you like playing best?! Other than that I hope to see you around on the server! :coffee: <--- Coffee because why not
  8. GarlicBreadDude

    MrMythic Introduction

    Noice to see you around! For future reference, I don't think you should mention your age because it might affect the way people treat you; that's just my opinion but you can say it if you like. :D
  9. GarlicBreadDude

    Proper Intro

    Hiya fellow bananas! o_O <---- Banana overdose I am informally known by NoHax, short for NoHaxJustBanana. I love bananas (which is good for your potassium levels) which I think you have figured by now. I grew up in England, yet I never seem to have picked up that posh accent I always wanted...
  10. GarlicBreadDude

    DrJacoby12 Introduction

    You don't lie when you say "very big ego"
  11. GarlicBreadDude

    Hello fellow epic gamers!

    Hello fellow human. Waiting for the girls now. Waiting..... Ya I'll never get anyone rip.
  12. GarlicBreadDude

    a bottle of grass

    Meh Prefer a bottle of grass soda
  13. GarlicBreadDude

    PigMatt’s Intro (April 2019)

    Colour and Fanciness overdose OoOOOOoooof
  14. GarlicBreadDude


    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Offender's IGN: LiCab Offence: Caps and being rude. I'm not sure if it was targeted disrespect? Evidence:
  15. GarlicBreadDude

    I'm stinkyone760!

    There's a psychiatrist in Purley just so you know...