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Reactions given by haxlegit

  • haxlegit
    haxlegit reacted Disagree to dustylog's post in the thread cyqer is cool.
    wassup? coming out post hell yeahhh. my names cyqer (or jay i don’t mind what you call me) and this bad boys one bi boy yeet. be...
  • haxlegit
    why do u guys have to write these long paragraphs to let people know that u are quitting a dying server.. just leave and stop trying to...
  • haxlegit
    haxlegit reacted Disagree to AMIES's post in the thread Team’s Appeal.
    My IGN: Team Platform: Server Punished by: MrSwalbert Reason: Bug Abuse [Minor] Date of punishment: 24th March 2019 Why you should...
  • haxlegit
    haxlegit reacted Disagree to joneren1's post in the thread Factions.
    The gap between Relentless and Resistance. Is mainly cause of the TutionalDigi insiding that was going on for 24 days of the season...
  • haxlegit
    haxlegit reacted Disagree to Gav's post in the thread lmfao.
    My IGN: gav#0001 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). discord Punished by: xDartz#6412 Reason: Spamming in discord, Date of punishment...
  • haxlegit
    haxlegit reacted Disagree to SmexyTeemo's post in the thread HUge SuGGesTiOnS.
    1.Buff the payout as it is really really low. (more on Paypal less on buycraft) 2.Remove staff applications (no more rands)(Only open it...
  • haxlegit
    Hey folks, I'm here with the first of my two announcements for today. This one is about a BRAND NEW RANK we're introducing to the store...
  • haxlegit
    haxlegit reacted Disagree to DeltaBlade's post in the thread Appeal.
    My IGN: DeltaBlade Platform: Server Punished by: Chxm Reason: Bug Abuse, Gening walls in enemy territory Date of punishment: 11/8/2019...