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Recent content by HugoDoesStuff

  1. HugoDoesStuff

    ....Is me back?

    I'm glad to see you're back! Hope to see you online in the coming days :D
  2. HugoDoesStuff

    a skycade RANT

    I'm pretty sure @Taon2 meant the map that is going to be used in the next major release of kitpvp. We blocked off the cave because we were requested to. Whoever made that request is none of anyone's business. Like I kind of mentioned above we hope to offer a better experience in the next major...
  3. HugoDoesStuff

    when the hackers get banned

    The numbers of time I've replayed the original clip in my video editor... one of my best edits so far :love: Any song with a 4/4 110 tempo works perfectly... anyone may feel free to download the video and make their own version <3 oh and here's a gif of all admins dancing (full clip from the...
  4. HugoDoesStuff

    What Where your guys Favourite Factions/Opfactions season

    I don't play facs, but I'd say s13 because it gave me the opportunity to make one of the builds I'm most proud of yet. Drew some of the warzone stuff as well!
  5. HugoDoesStuff

    Skycade Weekly [Week 65]

    Lookin fresh :)
  6. HugoDoesStuff


    Try doing /title remove :D
  7. HugoDoesStuff

    October Creative Build Competition - OP PRIZE!!

    me likes the trees
  8. HugoDoesStuff

    Factions Season 15 Announcement! - OP FACTIONS!

    Hyped to see the reset happen!
  9. HugoDoesStuff

    bruh momentum

    bruh momentum
  10. HugoDoesStuff


    AFAIK it’s going to be just the same as skyblock. You spawn on a platform, with the skygrid below you. Each island has its own skygrid, it’s not a full world (this has nothing to do with factions or smp whatsoever). (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!!) Again, it's going to be very...
  11. HugoDoesStuff

    Skygrid gamemode!

    Soon, be patient!
  12. HugoDoesStuff

    Skygrid gamemode!

    Can't wait!!!
  13. HugoDoesStuff

    Leaving Skycade

    Ouch... I'm really sorry for what's happening to you at the moment :( I really hope things will end well for you. Best of luck!
  14. HugoDoesStuff

    Skycade furrys

    what am I watching
  15. HugoDoesStuff

    September Creative Build Competition

    deadline for real gamers is September 20 ;');')