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Reactions received by ItzNoah

  • iStalklolitsalex
    iStalklolitsalex reacted Winner to ItzNoah's comment on PigMatt's profile post
    As mentioned above, it's listed in /rules, and there is an announcement in chat quite often that says that both hacking AND faking hacks...
  • Joostagram
    Joostagram reacted Winner to ItzNoah's post in the thread r u kiding me.
    Thank you for appealing! This was not a false mute. Please wait 1 month before appealing again. Denied, locked
  • Hampuu
    Hampuu reacted Winner to ItzNoah's post in the thread False Ban.
    Thank you for appealing! You were just unbanned, and were caught using an autoclicker right after your previous ban expired. Denied, locked