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Recent content by Joostagram

  1. Joostagram

    Staff denying reports

    Is that really that big of a deal?
  2. Joostagram


    Don’t necropost. Ranks are on store.skycade.net
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  4. Joostagram

    Factions Reset - Season 16 announcement!

    ey i see my render :eyes:
  5. Joostagram

    banned for lag again for the third time

    Thanks for appealing. We have reviewed your appeal and the footage that got you banned and decided it was sufficient, that it was not your ping. Denied, locked.
  6. Joostagram


    Denied, locked
  7. Joostagram

    Skycade Staff Yearbook GFX

    name: joostagram quote: your enemies can't kill if they're DEAD skin: current one
  8. Joostagram

    Eyyy It has 60k upvotes now

    Eyyy It has 60k upvotes now
  9. Joostagram

    My Ban Appeal

    In your last appeal you lied about you not hacking, and blamed it on your sibling. Wait out your ban. Denied, locked
  10. Joostagram


    To add on: You’ve been pestering cookies whenever you’ll see her online.
  11. Joostagram

    breh moment

    breh moment
  12. Joostagram

    hei me

    hei me
  13. Joostagram

    wheeeere have u beeeen nerd

    wheeeere have u beeeen nerd
  14. Joostagram

    i cant log in

    Right but log in where...? Your Minecraft account? The server? What errors are you getting?
  15. Joostagram

    i cant log in

    more info? lol