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Recent content by Joostagram

  1. Joostagram

    Comal mute appeal

    Using the word lesbian to talk about something you don’t like is not tolerated on here. Denied, lockedb
  2. Joostagram

    why wasi muted

    Using the word ‘gay’ to define something that you do not like is not tolerated here. Denied, locked
  3. Joostagram

    Jaimofficial hackusating

    Accepted, locked
  4. Joostagram

    plz add bedwars

    This has been asked many times and nursey gave a good answer. Locked
  5. Joostagram

    first thing i say when i wake up is UWU

    first thing i say when i wake up is UWU
  6. Joostagram

    owo u so warm

    owo u so warm
  7. Joostagram


  8. Joostagram

    Ban Appeal

    These 2 videos show you using either a macro, or autosoup. Your appeal is denied and locked.
  9. Joostagram

    Ban Appeal for the people of skycade

    Thanks for appealing, I’m reducing your ban to 4 days but don’t do this again please. Locked
  10. Joostagram

    Ban appeal

    reduced, don't do it again Locked
  11. Joostagram

    Great server mate

    You were banned for your username, not your skin. Locked.
  12. Joostagram

    ban appeal

    You’ve been unbanned Locked
  13. Joostagram

    ItzRenderman Discord Ban Appeal

    Accepted, please do not do this again. Invite thingy: discord.gg/Skycade
  14. Joostagram

    Loneee Ban appeal

    Denied, please wait it out. Locked
  15. Joostagram

    can i come in, its cold outside

    Thanks for appealing, please do not let this happen again. Reduced, locked