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Recent content by Leaaa_

  1. Leaaa_

    You are all qts i promise x

    this is very interesting tbf
  2. Leaaa_

    thanks!! <3

    thanks!! <3
  3. Leaaa_


    I still remember you roasting me in skycades discord but you were a great guy the time we have known eachother :)
  4. Leaaa_

    sheahahahahha boo!

    sheahahahahha boo!
  5. Leaaa_

    Silent Protest For Duckowap

    Indeed it doesn't make any sense and it's hurting my brain.
  6. Leaaa_


    Rip, Have a good life mate! Wish you the best!!! <3
  7. Leaaa_

    My Demotion

    I will miss you mate! >~<
  8. Leaaa_


  9. Leaaa_

    making profile pictures

    gimme one!!!!!!!!! my mc skin face
  10. Leaaa_

    I am James.

    Welcome back :D
  11. Leaaa_

    Factions Season 15 Announcement! - OP FACTIONS!

    very late but atleast its gonna be reset
  12. Leaaa_


  13. Leaaa_

    another finnish person wow

    another finnish person wow
  14. Leaaa_

    Noot, sad to see you leaving pce! <3

    Noot, sad to see you leaving pce! <3