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Recent content by Mist

  1. Mist

    _Mistz Resignation [Love Yall but Im out]

    Id have more pics to share like the wallpaper and my first helper pic but its to much for forums to handle so
  2. Mist

    _Mistz Resignation [Love Yall but Im out]

    Hey guys I know you've all known me as Moist or Mist one of the popular Factions Moderators but I've got bad news I'm going to be resigning and its for a few reasons that Ill list and explain here but the biggest reasons are cause I'm starting my life with my girlfriend Sophie and we are going...
  3. Mist


    What Mood do you want? (Angry, Happy,Anxious etc.): Somethin cool I really dont care What Action do you want you character to be doing (standing back to back with someone else, Running etc,): Gimme a like launcher that launches hotdogs or like tshirt launcher somethin cool
  4. Mist

    My doxxing appeal

    I apologize for any confusion you should be unbanned. Accepted , Locked
  5. Mist

    TrickshotWalrus - Leaking Personal Information/Transphobic comments

    Thank you for reporting the player has been punished accordingly. Accepted , Locked
  6. Mist

    Happy_24 - Chat Offences [#355]

    The player has been punished accordingly Accepted , Locked
  7. Mist

    Prisons Reset + OVERHAUL!

    This is an awesome reset it was very confusing before I’m glad it’s gettin a reboot!
  8. Mist

    Joshua_batman admission

    They can only admit to a staff member but since they had admitted to me Accepted , Locked
  9. Mist

    Ooof exposed lemoncloudGT_YT insiding factions

    The evidence attatched is not sufficient Denied , Locked
  10. Mist

    Staff of the Month!

    I am very disappointed I didn't make the ballot after being voted #1 Staff award
  11. Mist

    KitPvP HaCkEoorrr 2

    Evidence is not sufficient (Evidence is way to laggy) Denied , Locked
  12. Mist

    BaD LaNgUaGe

    Evidence is not sufficient enough to warrant a punishment Denied , Locked
  13. Mist


    The Player has been punish appropriately Accepted , Locked
  14. Mist


    The player has been punish appropriately Accepted , Locked
  15. Mist

    SilasJP Bug abuse.

    Not a bannable offense unless escaping combat Denied , Locked