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Recent content by Mr_Oz13

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  2. Mr_Oz13


    I'll reduce your mute to one month. You need to be careful with future punishments, as any chat offence will result in a permanent mute, likely unappealable. Accepted, locked.
  3. Mr_Oz13

    Banned for a Joke

    Apologies for the inconvenience, you have been unbanned due to insufficient evidence. In the future though, please do be careful, IRL trades can be an area of grey space. Accepted, locked.
  4. Mr_Oz13

    My appeal

    Accepted, you will be unbanned. Apologies for the inconveniences caused. Have a nice week.
  5. Mr_Oz13

    Ban appeal

    Accepted, apologies for the inconveniences caused. Have a good weekend.
  6. Mr_Oz13

    Dear SkyCade, Im sorry.

    Your appeal has been denied, you have not had enough time to think about the consequences of your actions. However, your friend is eligible for an unban due to your error of judgement. Please login into SkyCade on your IP with your account for it to leave Wublin's IP, after you've done that DM...
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  8. Mr_Oz13

    MFMaps Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned. Apologies for the inconveniences. Have a good day.
  9. Mr_Oz13

    :o o:

    :o o:
  10. Mr_Oz13

    Come to /pwarp theater to witness the greatest shows

    This is a really cute idea! I'll have to come for a visit sometime :)
  11. Mr_Oz13

    Farewell, Skycade!

    I'll miss seeing you around SkyCade occasionally, we'll have to keep in touch! Good luck with wherever your path takes you, you'll smash it I'm sure :D
  12. Mr_Oz13


    Sorry for being late in replying! What Mood do you want? (Angry, Happy, Anxious etc.): Happy :) What Action do you want your character to be doing (standing back to back with someone else, Running etc,): Whatever fits into your scene, I don't want to make more work for you!
  13. Mr_Oz13


  14. Mr_Oz13

    Ban appeal

    Denied. Reappeal in a week for a possible reduction.
  15. Mr_Oz13

    idiots ackin a clown

    Both users are already punished, thank you for reporting nonetheless! Accepted.