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Recent content by MrUsic9

  1. MrUsic9


    MrUsic9 Tiraynus Bypass
  2. MrUsic9

    First one in a while

    MrUsic9 ZOOMxNotorious AntiKB Evidence
  3. MrUsic9

    PG server

    MrUsic9 Duckness THICCo_oTHANOS Targeted disrespect and inappropriate language
  4. MrUsic9

    Two server hosts.

    I'm loving that constant 200+ ping that I barely notice it anymore
  5. MrUsic9


    MrUsic9 NintendOBH, alexisv19, and ZeeQuake Promoting spam
  6. MrUsic9


    MrUsic9 MajFMonkey Malicious Hacks
  7. MrUsic9


    MrUsic9 Ghvsvvs Bypass
  8. MrUsic9

    Wtf skycade

    Is a 30 day ban harsh, yes but that gotta be consistent. Also you say you did not know about him glitching hoppers yet you were aware of him glitching things. Also so what you didnt do the glitch the person who did it was still apart of you're faction which you're suppose to manage. Also clearly...
  9. MrUsic9

    Debating whether I'm still enjoying skycade

    Debating whether I'm still enjoying skycade
  10. MrUsic9

    What a name

    MrUsic9 SooGay Malicious hacks
  11. MrUsic9


    MrUsic9 xEnvyPvPx N word
  12. MrUsic9


    My IGN: MrUsic9 Offender's IGN: CMDBLOXPRO Offence: Offensive language Evidence:
  13. MrUsic9

    Been a while since ive reported someone

    My IGN: MrUsic9 Offender's IGN: 99_Grunt_83 Offence: Hacks Evidence:
  14. MrUsic9


    My IGN: MrUsic9 Offender's IGN: Felawp Offence: Malicious Hacks Evidence:
  15. MrUsic9


    My IGN: MrUsic9 Offender's IGN: xdLunaa Offence: Malicious Hacks Evidence: