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Reactions given by MrVac

  • MrVac
    MrVac reacted Dislike to ItzNoah's post in the thread Good evening.
    Thank you for appealing! Please wait 2 months before appealing again. Denied, locked
  • MrVac
    MrVac reacted Dislike to gormoneno's post in the thread gormoneno Ban Appeal.
    My IGN: gormoneno Platform: Factions Server Punished by: NegativeKB Reason: B Claiming Date of Punishment: Today (11/9/19 US) (9/11/19...
  • MrVac
    MrVac reacted Dislike to Sai's post in the thread Why was this appeal denied?.
    My IGN: gormoneno Banned by: NegativeKB Reason: B-Claiming Why I should be unbanned: So to start, I'm not gormoneno. Don't ignore this...
  • MrVac
    MrVac reacted Dislike to DeltaBlade's post in the thread evidence pls.
    My IGN: DeltaBlade Platform: server Punished by: chxm Reason: gening walls in enemy claims Date of punishment: 11/8/2019 Why you should...