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Reactions given by NoSkill

  • NoSkill
    NoSkill reacted Sad to Vendettie's post in the thread Following the trend....
    Seeing as a lot of people have been posting these recently. I'm quitting skycade. I was originally going to just go ghost and leave all...
  • NoSkill
    NoSkill reacted Sad to jacks519's post in the thread old news.
    Hello skycade I am X519 AKA(Jacks519) this is old news but I want to state the reason why I am now done with MC and Skycade. The first...
  • NoSkill
    Hey, My ign is imMeliodas and im quitting Skycade and this block game. I have been playing Skycade since November of 2016 and I have had...
  • NoSkill
    I’m suffering from an insulin overdose, so my activity may be limited..