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Recent content by NoSkill

  1. NoSkill

    Discord Appeal

  2. NoSkill


    Wait your mute out. Anyone I find copy and pasting appeals will also be forced to do so.
  3. NoSkill

    Who locked that thread?

    In regards to the original question of "Who locked that thread?": I am looking into it right now and will let them know leave a reason / warning in the thread when they lock a thread next time to avoid further confusion. The main issue is that there are rules which state "・Do not discuss...
  4. NoSkill


    Locking this one as there is already another thread here. Plus this one doesn't really provide much.
  5. NoSkill

    i have a question

    We are not specifically targeting the known players. It may seem that way since you actually notice when they get banned / punished since they are well known. It's also likely that these players are "well known" because they're well known for causing issues. Gonna lock this since the original...
  6. NoSkill

    Im banned now lol, goed gedaan hoor!

    "Hahaha show me"
  7. NoSkill

    I guess I'm homophobic now...

    You were banned for homophobia by Joostagram. I did discuss the ban and evidence thoroughly with Joo and we both agreed in the end that it was fair to keep you banned. Here is the evidence provided: You may reappeal in a month to prevent any further problems.
  8. NoSkill

    Ban Appeal

    When you use a VPN and go on an IP with an IP ban then you wil be IP banned. You got on an IP which was banned for bot so you were banned for bot automatically. This isn't possible to stop from happening unless you stop using a vpn. I will remove the bot ipban though, but you will most likely...
  9. NoSkill


    Accepted, Ennt was not wrong going by the rules themselves, but if it's only a one letter message sent three times then it doesn't reasonably constitute a mute.
  10. NoSkill


    I'm assuming your discord is RioDav#4701. You were banned for advertising by BritBout. You posted a link to a different discord in #general.
  11. NoSkill

    You can message me without being on my friends list

    You can message me without being on my friends list
  12. NoSkill

    MANSDUSTY/Unnon - Alt Limit

    Message me on discord at spaghetticonfetti#3092 and we can discuss what accounts you want banned. Accepted
  13. NoSkill

    hi me too

    hi me too
  14. NoSkill


    Denying since it's very clearly a joke. What report was accepted for this?
  15. NoSkill

    KemeZis - KillAura, Speed