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Hiya Skycadians,
I am PigMatt,

I am a well-known Skycade gold ranked player + minimod .

For the randos, minimod means person who isn’t mod but kind of acts like it (Reports a lot, helps a lot etc)

Also, the pig behind SkyCade Weekly :0 Joined SkyCade on 2017-11-09, a few days later was my first ban for Alt Limit by iiSpace, but I appealed and got accepted! After that, I got banned again, for Alt Limit by iiSpace. Oops! Sense the reduction of that in April 2018 It’s been pretty smooth sailing (expect when I got compromised and banned for Inapp builds that is). Sense then I have had amazing times on skycade. I am friends with lots of players and some staff and it’s great to have a server I can go to.

Don’t even ask me for my PC info, here’s all you need to know:
its trash laptop!

I always am changing what gamemode I Main but i play factions (In TheSpies - Owner) SkyBlock (/pwarp Pigmatt) and KitPvP. I also will sometimes do the building comps but that’s not a main.

I am Canadian btw (#BetterThenUK) - eh? I eat pizza and candy and chips lol (I’m a picky eater).

Anyways, feel free to ask stuff about me or anything on my status idc what’s there lmao. Follow me on twitter and my discord is PigMatt#9838 <3




Player • November 9th, 2017


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