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Recent content by RobbertFruit

  1. RobbertFruit

    When will the next factions season happen?

    When do you plan on reseting factiobs
  2. RobbertFruit

    Things to help the server be better

    There is a reason why we dont have more keyall events. Its called THE ECONOMY. Thats like printing more money to make yourself richer. It just doesn't work.
  3. RobbertFruit

    prisons message

    Yeah i kinda agree, but they should make it an option instead of 4 everyone. It is there for a reason
  4. RobbertFruit

    Things to help the server be better

    I disagree with EVERYTHING you have said, hear me out, this will be long. Argument against point 1 & 2: Do you really think it is cheap and easy for staff to run all of these servers? Short answer: NO!, We have enough servers already. OP Factions was cool and all, but it wasn't really...
  5. RobbertFruit

    Necroposting Solution

    since it is literally the FIRST forums rule to not necropost, i think the devs / people that work on the forums here could find a simple plugin off the internet (or make it if necessary) and just tweak it to close threads after 2+ weeks. Simple, easy, effective.
  6. RobbertFruit

    Necroposting solution

    They can do what they want they can agree with things that they like. Also hes not a developer, he's a mod.
  7. RobbertFruit

    Necroposting solution

    Its literally against the first rule you idiot.
  8. RobbertFruit

    Add New Line to the Factions Sidebar

    Yeah sounds about right +1
  9. RobbertFruit

    Necroposting solution

    We should to make a autolock system so necroposting isn't even a thing.
  10. RobbertFruit


    I agree but more like 3x or 4x more instead of 2x +1
  11. RobbertFruit


    silly croissant u cant do that
  12. RobbertFruit

    uhh... i think i need a mod

    not working im gonna use a potion to kms
  13. RobbertFruit

    uhh... i think i need a mod

    I've been falling under map for like 5 mins now and im right below spawn. I was using superdigger on ground to test lag and it was lagging and i went right through ground. im now at -40000 and there is no way to get back up. I need a mod to tp me back 2 spawn. Also im not taking any damage
  14. RobbertFruit

    980 sticky pistons. Really?

    Because it legit happens to everyone and it really annoying if you didn't notice.
  15. RobbertFruit

    can i get a refund for 980 sticky pistons?

    I do have evidence, do you want to see it?