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Recent content by StampyJoeBen

  1. StampyJoeBen

    Just noticed my pfp is slightly off centre.

    Just noticed my pfp is slightly off centre.
  2. StampyJoeBen

    The Skycade Podcast Is NOT Over!

    Yass. Knew it couldnt be true when Celled announced it was stopping, but in swoops Aiden and rescues it.
  3. StampyJoeBen

    Skyblock quarry bug

    This is happening to multiple players though.
  4. StampyJoeBen

    Rent-A-Builder (Skyblock Only)

    Wow didn't think you'd be up, its 12pm for me. :D
  5. StampyJoeBen

    Photo Competion

    Like the idea, but if this is irl we're talking about then it would be easy to just copy a picture from google images.
  6. StampyJoeBen

    Rent-A-Builder (Skyblock Only)

    Sure, come back from hols tommorow so I'll contact you in-game when i'm free.
  7. StampyJoeBen

    /fly (skyblock)

    Hmmm, wierd then, I'd suggest contacting an admin about this.
  8. StampyJoeBen

    /fly (skyblock)

    If it is voting, pretty sure there are a few probs, relatively sure they're being worked on.
  9. StampyJoeBen

    Rent-A-Builder (Skyblock Only)

    Sure, like actual melons, or?
  10. StampyJoeBen

    Rent-A-Builder (Skyblock Only)

    Really don't know if your talking about me, but thanks if you are! :)
  11. StampyJoeBen

    erm sorry to break it to you but its not teespring

    erm sorry to break it to you but its not teespring
  12. StampyJoeBen

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Yep , both see where you guys are coming from, and agree, I but not gonna lie, skycade does need money to keep rolling out updates like skyblock and prisons. Emarald gives them a constant stream of money over a long time, thus supporting the server financially.
  13. StampyJoeBen

    Compliment threadu~

    Wierd compliment, but.. @RickyB98 @Taon2 @WelshAlex + Staff For getting the skyblock reset sorted and ironing out most of the bugs.
  14. StampyJoeBen

    Add the clown emoji as a reaction

    See where your coming from there.
  15. StampyJoeBen

    Rent-A-Builder (Skyblock Only)

    ---------------- Note! I am away for the moment, my co-builder will be in charge. Hey there! Me (and HxpeR) are starting a Rent-A-Builder service! What it is. I will build your request for you, on your island, (within reason) at 20k per 20 minutes. Most of the time, WE supply the blocks...