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Recent content by TGGTheGaminGoat

  1. TGGTheGaminGoat

    whats post farming

    ok lol, thanks, idc about my post number anyways but ty ty ty
  2. TGGTheGaminGoat

    whats post farming

    read title silly billys
  3. TGGTheGaminGoat

    uploading videos

    vimeo, idk it is prob trasher
  4. TGGTheGaminGoat

    make a server for you to play in if you get banned

    hacker only server is an idea i like for skycade lol
  5. TGGTheGaminGoat

    Creative Build

    lol ty! i will do the details l8r,
  6. TGGTheGaminGoat

    Creative Build

    Hi i am doing a solo build on creative at the moment and i want to see what you guys think of it! its a big work in progress and is just a little bit of landscape really bt i think it looks good so far!
  7. TGGTheGaminGoat

    make a server for you to play in if you get banned

    i agree, like munchy or performimumumun
  8. TGGTheGaminGoat

    qLime_ (maybe not sufficcient?)

    offenders ign: qLime my ign: J_is_for_Jack offense: hacked items in creative evidence:
  9. TGGTheGaminGoat


  10. TGGTheGaminGoat

    Will there be a purge when skyblock resets

    yo it would be so cool if there were a purge when skyblock reset, force tp to islands, tp auraing scums... just an idea
  11. TGGTheGaminGoat

    OP Factions

  12. TGGTheGaminGoat


    Offenders ign: netfast My Ign: J_is_for_Jack Offense: innap build on purge Evidence:
  13. TGGTheGaminGoat


    My IGN: J_is_for_Jack Offender's IGN: Skeps Offence: Innap build on creative Evidence: i promise this isnt fake evidence, i understand faking evedence was wrong so i am going to be good and report bad players like this :)
  14. TGGTheGaminGoat

    OP Factions

    sorry there is probably a thread to this but i cba to find it what happened to op factions ive been a little innactive latley apart from yestarday lol
  15. TGGTheGaminGoat

    is theree going to be a skycade purge soon on factions

    9 hours and 45 mins from now if its uk time lol