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Reactions received by TrySimple

  • Fancy_Dinners_
    Fancy_Dinners_ reacted Winner to TrySimple's comment on Bubble1118's profile post
    ty, @[840:@Fancy_Dinners_] my rank hasn't been updated yet
  • TheJSB
    Sorry to say, but due to being your own choice and it not being in contributing directly to skycade it probably won’t be added, as the...
  • smi77en
    smi77en reacted Winner to TrySimple's post in the thread Giveaway #4.
    Skycade Giveaways Present by @Banthony4 , @TrySimple and @smi77en All these giveaways are organized between Skycade Giveaways and the...
  • PigMatt
    PigMatt reacted Winner to TrySimple's post in the thread Simple Thread.
    I wanted to make this thread just simply to discuss something that being, does us "The ranked players" buying ranks then giving our...