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Recent content by TSGSquid

  1. TSGSquid

    OP Factions Ep16 Season finale

    Since it was the last episode of the season i decided to let all the online players in my base FREE STUFF hope you enjoy the video and see you next season
  2. TSGSquid

    I will draw you arts

    Hiya was wondering if you would like to do my MC skin https://namemc.com/profile/TheSquidGaming.1 would like to see a different spin on my OC also I LOVE WELSHALEX
  3. TSGSquid

    Item store

    would kinda be a slap in the face to anyone who as emerald
  4. TSGSquid

    Factions Reset - Season 16 announcement!

    My reaction
  5. TSGSquid

    Factions reset

    give us a little peak :unsure:
  6. TSGSquid

    Factions reset

    Wait really? sweet :eek:
  7. TSGSquid

    Factions reset

    Hello! so the next season of factions is getting closer and closer by the day and we are all eagerly awaiting what's in store for us in the new season I wanted to ask you people what would you like in the next season? personally I would like to see /shop command back, I thought it was a good...
  8. TSGSquid

    I build Jacks Face in 60x60 on SkyCade

    Looks like it their is a program call "Spritecraft" for converting images into schematic files Spritecraft gets really detailed in terms of the blocks they use, for white blocks depending on how bright a white is sometimes is wool and sometimes its snow or iron but ether way the build still...
  9. TSGSquid

    Skycade OP Factions - EP15

    Still need some new ideas This series is just turning into hacker catching with ya boi jacksucksatlife Factions need a reset lol
  10. TSGSquid

    Skycade OP Factions - EP15

    The whole point of the video was to get the hacker banned, I messaged a mod to get them banned any of the stuff they gave me I burned or thrown in lava because I don't take cheated items (I think most people would do that on skycade)
  11. TSGSquid

    Skycade OP Factions - EP15

    I got in a discord call with a hacker Noice
  12. TSGSquid

    OP factions ep 14

    I would just show the inside of the base and i have f3 disabled cos of reasons
  13. TSGSquid

    OP factions ep 14

    That's a sound idea thanks
  14. TSGSquid

    OP factions ep 14

    Thanks you for all the support I do need some idea for the series so please comment them down bellow (y)
  15. TSGSquid

    OP factions ep 14

    Thank you <3