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Reactions given by WelshAlex

  • WelshAlex
    Hello! Welcome to the weekly thread called Skycade Weekly providing you with news that matters. Like the old edition, @PigMatt and...
  • WelshAlex
    WelshAlex reacted Dislike to ItsChillinq's post in the thread KitPvP staff.
    The management must look at KitPvP and make adjustments to how everything is operated. Even for the most obvious of hackers it takes at...
  • WelshAlex
    WelshAlex reacted Dislike to 72O's post in the thread 72O Discord Ban.
    My IGN: 72O Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: iiSpace Reason: Said the word "Faggot" to another player Date of...