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Reactions given by Yes

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    Yes reacted Agree to AstroStqr✧'s post in the thread Bcof needs firing.
    1.) this makes absolutely no sense 2.) if you admitted to hacking to see your ban on the bans site that’s actualy the stupidest excuse...
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    Yes reacted Agree to coolguy's post in the thread Really Skycade.
    Another day, another one of these dumb posts about how awful and dead skycade is. Skycade isn't gonna change, stop wasting your precious...
  • Yes
    Love that nobody can speak without threat of punishment anymore
  • Yes
    Yes reacted Agree to _bq's post in the thread Skycade?.
    Lmao don't lie kid, im here from s2. And when u don't know my name, makes that u cool? And i bet more people do know my name more then urs.