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Recent content by yngx

  1. yngx

    congrats xx

    congrats xx
  2. yngx

    Targetted Disrespect Report

    My IGN: JqckD Offender's IGN: BerriehTreeHouse Offence: Targetted Disrespect Evidence: https://prnt.sc/r7l9m1
  3. yngx

    Fix the server

    Okay, my apologies? Lets forget this now..
  4. yngx

    Fix the server

    I said "probably". Please read my comments before commenting on them. I'm not the owner, I dont know if 400,000 people joined skycade.
  5. yngx

    Fix the server

    I rethought this and this comment brought the whole "it only notifies staff" to light. The reason it only notifies staff is because as you said "and half the time its wrong". False bans would be imminent, as proven by yourself saying that half the time its false. Staff middlemen in my eyes are...
  6. yngx

    Fix the server

    Actually they probably have over 300-400 thousand bans. It has been reset a few times.
  7. yngx

    Allow swear words

    TLDR; I disagree with this. Minecraft is rated a 7+ game, including the PC version of the game. Same with every other version of the game, so why should children be exposed to vocabulary i'd say that is not compliant with their age. Yes, they will learn this vocabulary soon, but they should...
  8. yngx

    Fix the server

    The anticheat is very effective, as proven by the Skycade bans website. 85,368 bans.
  9. yngx

    KitPvP in VR

    seems legit
  10. yngx

    hi im new

  11. yngx

    KitPvP in VR

    no thx - i get motion sickness if i did that id get "strafe running full speed at me disease"
  12. yngx

    Lets Discuss: Imagine Skycade was an Anarchy Server?

    Not really - Theres are still rules as far as I know (no hacking and stuff). By the way cool you like FitMC and we're talking about anarchy servers aha
  13. yngx

    Lets Discuss: Imagine Skycade was an Anarchy Server?

    To be honest, that'd probably happen
  14. yngx

    Lets Discuss: Imagine Skycade was an Anarchy Server?

    I thought of this while playing 2b2t (another server) and I was about to go on skycade when I thought: Imagine Skycade became Anarchy? For anyone who does not know what an "Anarchy Server" is: Anarchy servers are a dark tradition within Minecraft. In a standard game, you are dropped into a...
  15. yngx

    Someone saying for me to die - Faction

    My IGN: 14Spam Offender's IGN: TheDogeKidYT Offence: Saying "kys" to me in msg. Evidence: