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Reactions given by YS8

  • YS8
    My IGN: Mysticdragon_yt Platform: discord = rjh05 #2902(Discord, server, forums). Punished by: I don't know Reason: I don't know Date of...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Surprised to Br0wsky's post in the thread EdatingIcky.
    My IGN: Unbrowskyful Offender's IGN: EdatingIcky Offence: Using AntiKB Evidence:
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Surprised to MelissaWDS's post in the thread Miamy.
    Thankyou for reporting. The player will be banned for malicious hacks. Accepted, Locked.
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Surprised to DabOnDatCheese's post in the thread ys8.
    My IGN: DabOnDatCheese Offender's IGN: Ys8 Offence: Reach on vanilla Minecraft Evidence: @YS8
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Surprised to lrcheney19's post in the thread Im so sorry.
    My IGN:lrcheney19 Platform:server Punished by:icarben Reason:malicious hacks Date of punishment oct 5 2019 Why you should be unbanned I...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Surprised to jeffyoustuped21's post in the thread OP Factions kits.
    Your IGN: jeffyoustuped21 Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): OP Factions Brief description of the bug...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Surprised to coolguy's post in the thread haha..
    Why cannon if glitching takes absolutely no effort?