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Reactions given by YS8

  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to ryiey's post in the thread ys8 mute.
    My IGN:ryiey Offender's IGN:ys8 Offence: bad language Evidence: https://gyazo.com/d1d08d092b4603a7408faa4ca117e5bc
  • YS8
    One time I was doing the parkour in the hub and when I was falling in the void, I logged out and when I logged back I was stuck in the...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to _itz_dino_'s post in the thread The false ban ....
    Ign wintxrr_ Punnisher Shadow Reason bug abuse Why unban cuz i wasnt in /d and that screen shot doesnt prove anything really ik i wasnt...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to ChangeNamePlayAlt's post in the thread SilasJP.
    Ing: _Fishii Offenders Ign: SilasJP reach and maybe KA Proof: https://medal.tv/clips/5843794/d1337oKBBdRf
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to 5BeanBurritos's post in the thread Underage | cobwin#7357.
    My IGN: 5BeanBurritos#1006 Offender's IGN: cobwin7357 Offence: Being underage on Discord - against TOS & against rules on this discord...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to LitzTommy_MC's post in the thread Alt Limit.
    My IGN:Bigbobik Platform: (Discord, server, forums).Server Punished by:Joostagram Reason:Alt Limit Date of punishment:18/8/19 Why you...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to BirbPerson's post in the thread kinda toxic.
    My IGN: dylan.#0652 Offender's IGN: Astro#0833 Offence: Using inspect element or a bd plugin to edit my message that said “xd” to “im...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to GGgamer55's post in the thread Application for Trail mod.
    1. What is your IGN: GGgamer55 2. Are you active on the forums: no 3. Do you have the perm pack (not required caus I don't have it...
  • YS8
    YS8 reacted Funny to Naricissus's post in the thread Skycade Weekly [Week 55].
    wait am i getting bannded?