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Reactions given by zuts

  • zuts
    Theme: Shuttles, Solar Flares Spacemen and portals to no where(s). Builders: @nursey__ Location: /p v nursespiff (built on alts plot)...
  • zuts
    zuts reacted Friendly to Fancy_Dinners_'s post in the thread An Apology.
    Hello all. Lately I have been looking back at my actions and asking myself what a horrible person I am. With my brother being arrested (...
  • zuts
    Hello frens! This post is just to appreciate what work the staff put into the server! They don't gain anything, they help out as much...
  • zuts
    zuts reacted Friendly to Kaomi's post in the thread Farewell, Skycade!.
    Hello everyone! It’s me, Kaomi. If you were to tell me a year or so back that I would be leaving Skycade, I would have called you crazy...
  • zuts
    zuts reacted Friendly to nehtptune's status.
    I'm honestly really sad that this SMP is coming to an end, but happy for the new exciting opportunities in the 1.13 SMP. A thing a lot...