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  1. apartmentalize


    Thanks for reporting. Accepted, Locked.
  2. apartmentalize


    Sorry but you need video evidence, I will gladly pay you 100k though. Denied, Locked.
  3. apartmentalize

    SPAM help

    Thanks for reporting, they have been punished accordingly. Accepted, Locked.
  4. apartmentalize

    Spam Report

    Already punished. Thanks anyway though! Locked.
  5. apartmentalize

    ArtisticEmu8138 - Chat Spam [#156]

    Thanks for reporting. Accepted.
  6. apartmentalize

    continues, gladly

    continues, gladly
  7. apartmentalize

    NitramOne hacking

    Reach in duels is not sufficient. Also please don't call people retards -.- Denied.
  8. apartmentalize

    Inapp language

    Please use the format and I dont see anything wrong here. Denied.
  9. apartmentalize

    Player Report - DanIsBae

    Thanks for reporting. Accepted, Locked.
  10. apartmentalize

    xXkishimotoXx hacking

    They must be in combat for killaura hacks to be sufficient. Denied.
  11. apartmentalize

    leonlind faking hacks and spamming me

    Denied for faking hacks. Accepted for Spam.
  12. apartmentalize


    Evidence in duels is not sufficient. Denied.
  13. apartmentalize

    Cool, Revived.

    Cool, Revived.
  14. apartmentalize

    Targ Dis

    Thanks for reporting. Accepted, Locked.
  15. apartmentalize

    Caps In Chat

    Thanks for reporting, Can't believe its the same guy twice in a day. Accepted, Locked.
  16. apartmentalize


    Already Punished. Locked.
  17. apartmentalize

    Bwine bypassing

    They are already muted. Locked.
  18. apartmentalize


    Accepted, Locked.
  19. apartmentalize

    Pending, No change.

    Pending, No change.
  20. apartmentalize

    its a spaff member. Hello :)

    its a spaff member. Hello :)