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  1. iiSpace

    Helpfull Skyblock holograms

    I’ll have a look at this later, thanks for the suggestion!
  2. iiSpace

    never seen it

    never seen it
  3. iiSpace

    shes not!!

    shes not!!
  4. iiSpace


  5. iiSpace

    Player Appeal - Quom

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, don't give others access to your account in the future! Accepted, locked.
  6. iiSpace


  7. iiSpace

    no u

    no u
  8. iiSpace

    pff no.. shh

    pff no.. shh
  9. iiSpace

    Tbf there's 9000 accounts but I wish you luck on getting 5k to like something

    Tbf there's 9000 accounts but I wish you luck on getting 5k to like something
  10. iiSpace

    Sadly, but yes

    Good luck in the future, bq!
  11. iiSpace


  12. iiSpace

    yamumm alt limit

    Already unbanned Locked.
  13. iiSpace

    B claiming?

    Punishment expired Locked.
  14. iiSpace

    I am so sorry [Drake2008gamer Ban appeal

    Sorry that this got missed, can't find you in the bans though https://discord.gg/KJgK2kP Locked.
  15. iiSpace

    Killaura on faction

    Make a new report with evidence please Denied, locked.
  16. iiSpace


    You'd need actual evidence of them doing this Denied, locked.
  17. iiSpace

    Zasver + Natanumas Constant Targeting.

    Sorry this got missed! If you could possibly message me with time stamps then I'll get that sorted for you Locked.
  18. iiSpace

    raider/griefer in SMP

    Unless you have proof of them actually doing this then there's nothing that can be done, feel free to make a new report if you get any more evidence Locked.
  19. iiSpace

    child predator - Kedlund

    Accepted, locked.
  20. iiSpace

    Animal2386 - Faking Evidence

    Sorry this got missed for some reason! I'll make a note on Ender's account so that the punishment doesn't count but there isn't much I can do about animal Locked.