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  1. TheHalfDecentGuy

    who is your favourite resigned mod?

    Defo @Luukjah #Luuk4AnimatorRank???
  2. TheHalfDecentGuy

    The list of my favourite staff

    Favourite Manager: @iiSpace Favourite Dev: @RickyB98 Favourite JrDev: @Taon2 Favourite Admin: @nocookies4me Favourite SrMod: @ProfessorSlimez Favourite Mod: @Bcof Favourite Helper. @xDartz Favourite Builder: @HugoDoesStuff (obv)
  3. TheHalfDecentGuy


  4. TheHalfDecentGuy


    thanks! :D
  5. TheHalfDecentGuy


    VEGAS Pro 16.0 Cracked uh I mean totally legitimate
  6. TheHalfDecentGuy


  7. TheHalfDecentGuy

    Kit Glitch

    oh wait, that counts as post farming even if it isnt my post?
  8. TheHalfDecentGuy

    Kit Glitch

    amazing name
  9. TheHalfDecentGuy


    lol rip cat
  10. TheHalfDecentGuy


    no probs :D
  11. TheHalfDecentGuy


    yes, it is https://discordapp.com/invite/ss7ZJNF
  12. TheHalfDecentGuy


  13. TheHalfDecentGuy

    Sorry to blow it but you need 5000 subs if a Minecraft related channel or 3000 if a Skycade...

    Sorry to blow it but you need 5000 subs if a Minecraft related channel or 3000 if a Skycade related youtube channel you must also have over 1000 views total. Your Requirements are 5000 Subscribers and 1000 views in total to qualify for YT Rank as you are not skycade related
  14. TheHalfDecentGuy

    no lol

    no lol
  15. TheHalfDecentGuy

    no... dont ask for staff. apply for it

    no... dont ask for staff. apply for it
  16. TheHalfDecentGuy

    Quitting Skycade (Hopefully temporarily)

    I dont know you but I am sorry to see you leave the server for a hopefully temporary time, thank you for sticking along with us... for now, here is me "abusing" worldedit on creative and my old pvp montage
  17. TheHalfDecentGuy

    Modern House! (Creative)

  18. TheHalfDecentGuy

    [IN HEAVY DEVELOPMENT]JackSucksAtLife Simulator [Coming Soon]

    This game will have you play the role of the almighty JackSucksAtLife. You will have to perform basic and advanced actions that range from eating, drinking to recording videos. This game has not yet been released but will be free for the first 48 Hours of release after the 48 hours the game will...
  19. TheHalfDecentGuy

    thanks, you too!

    thanks, you too!
  20. TheHalfDecentGuy

    Skyblock Reset

    Sounds amazing! I agree with the idea.