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  1. MomTookMyVape

    an obituary of smp 1.12

    I would like to say I was doing fairly well until I unfortunately got banned... rip /pwarp shopall boys.
  2. MomTookMyVape

    Permanent Ban Appeal

    In-Game Username: Straphos (formerly MomTookMyVape - going back to this name soon.) Platform: Skycade Minecraft Server Punished By: Moderator Th3Vik1ng Reason: Duping Date Of Punishment: February 20th, 2019 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: Over two months back in February, I was caught...
  3. MomTookMyVape

    To conclude, I appreciate Skycade as a server and the memories that I created out of it. I went...

    To conclude, I appreciate Skycade as a server and the memories that I created out of it. I went out in the worst way possible, but that's whatever and I really don't reject anything as I hardly played on the server or Minecraft in general.
  4. MomTookMyVape

    I gave ShepardSheep hate because of her rather malicious intentions. She intentionally ruined...

    I gave ShepardSheep hate because of her rather malicious intentions. She intentionally ruined the economy of SMP and wanted to cause even more harm to SMP overall, while I duped some Iron Golem spawners and made a profit shop out of it for new players to use due to Cactus farms being nerfed...
  5. MomTookMyVape

    gg lol

    gg lol
  6. MomTookMyVape

    Who else remembers

    I don't consider myself a very OG player, but I can definitely vouch for the game modes getting way too repetitive and boring. The lack of updates and additions to the overall Skycade server ruins the experience for me.
  7. MomTookMyVape


    Cool thread man!
  8. MomTookMyVape

    Leaving the game I love

    It is unfortunate that I have to continue Skyblock alone now due to you getting banned for the most ridiculous reason I've seen. I'll miss you man, we made some great memories. (OPINION INCOMING) Skycade Moderation overall needs a new change. The policies that Moderators follow is so...
  9. MomTookMyVape

    yeah unfortunately

    yeah unfortunately
  10. MomTookMyVape

    Skyblock Cactus Change

    That's their loss then.
  11. MomTookMyVape

    Skyblock Cactus Change

    The whole point of this nerf was to stop the creation of even more cactus farms, and hopefully get players to remove their current cactus farms.
  12. MomTookMyVape

    Skyblock Cactus Change

    Hello WelshAlex, I would like to relay my suggestions to you. 1) Mob Stacking - This would reduce a bit of the lag presented on Skyblock, and I feel as there would be nothing lost by having it implemented. 2) Increase the animal breeding limit (currently at 30) - This would encourage starter...
  13. MomTookMyVape

    Skyblock Cactus Petition!

    That's not my "argument shutdown" as the top pwarps that own cactus farms are literally all made from schematics. If you don't use forge, sucks to suck and that's your problem.
  14. MomTookMyVape

    Skyblock Cactus Petition!

    To start off, I never said I agree with the decisions made by WelshAlex - so let's get that out of the way real fast. You're making it seem as that a cactus farm is the only way to profit. You are partially correct, as it currently is the only source. However, you can sell spawner drops so...
  15. MomTookMyVape

    Skyblock Cactus Petition!

    the server won't be playable because they remove one block from the shop? lol
  16. MomTookMyVape

    I'm quitting

    No, they won't take legal action. They'll simply just IP-ban you (that being said if the chargeback even goes through)
  17. MomTookMyVape

    Quitting SMP

    i've encountered no toxicity in the chat
  18. MomTookMyVape

    Quitting Threads

    literally nobody cares if you quit like nobody cares especially SMP cry me a river while you're at it
  19. MomTookMyVape

    Quitting ~ lolbye

    Cry us a river.
  20. MomTookMyVape

    Quitting SMP

    I've literally never seen you on SMP and I'm on pretty much every single day for the past 5-6 months. also, these quitting threads r cringe af lmao