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  1. Vendettie


    my ign: Vendettie staff: ThatsLife (Duckowap) reason: Targ Dis why i should be unmuted: I made the joke that Ultrux and Joe were good staff even though the things that they did were very innap. I apologize for my crude joke and promise it will not happen again. ss...
  2. Vendettie

    ven's first day back :'(

    ign: ven staff:ducko reason: targ dis why i should: i was doin it for memes it was in bad taste and didnt know we were still salty ab the pedo staff YiKEs
  3. Vendettie

    do people still play this server?

    idk if alot of u know me but i used to play this game alot but do any of the og's that i played w and the knowns still play?
  4. Vendettie

    possible maL HAcks

    turtlexy ven fac poss hax ik im bad i havent pvped on skycade in literally months
  5. Vendettie


    ven momtookmyvape sb https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/532394076683763712/542507221179695105/2019-02-05_16.49.50.png inapp
  6. Vendettie


    obabystark ven duel reach
  7. Vendettie


    meatbag_517 ven kit https://gyazo.com/76c21c0e6edb90f2edf425a69862ebf5 bypass
  8. Vendettie


    kingtrent12121 factions command spam
  9. Vendettie

    Transferable Purchases!

    The community is no new guest to ingame purchases. But why hasn't there been the option to transfer purchases from 1 account to another? I feel like that you should be able 1 time to transfer the purchases. But after that they stay right where they are. Like for example; I have the s10 tag on...
  10. Vendettie


    moticoneflaqo xlven kitpvp targeting
  11. Vendettie

    see vid

    ludwig44 (if incorrect see video) xlven kitpvp hacks
  12. Vendettie


    moonphase33 flyabuse mworld
  13. Vendettie


  14. Vendettie


    My user: vendettie Location: smp Offender: ShadowGamerSix and manimstupid (pls no time for manimstupid I like him just not shadowgamersix) Offence: irl trades evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/490988941223264267/531535257946816523/unknown.png...
  15. Vendettie

    alt limit appealalelaelalel

    my ign: xlven staff: professorslimez why: alt limit screenshot of punishment: i checked up with slimez and the ban for bluepants123 is not related with mine, ignore that one. why i should be unbanned: I truly believe this was a false ban, but I could be mistaken. I have had 6 accounts that have...
  16. Vendettie


    offender: bumfat location: smp me: xlven desc: spam and bypass evidence:
  17. Vendettie

    was given the go ahead

    disc: xlven#9214 person who banned: swalbet reason: chat flood i should be unbanned, i apologize for flooding the chat as i did not realize that i was flooding the chat, my friend sent me the msg i sent in the chat and i thought it was a funny meme and wanted to share it. im sorry it wont happen...
  18. Vendettie

    Banned on discord? For what?

    xlVen#9214 Banned by: idk Reason: idk Why I should be unbanned: idk why I was banned but if someone could tell me, even if I won't get unbanned it would be helpful thx
  19. Vendettie

    #5 for 20i5

    offender: braddydaddyspet his ign: 20i5 location: chat desc: fonts evidence: hhttps://i.badlion.net/vTuRSBiQ4Qcffs4jco5kjB.png
  20. Vendettie

    #4 for 20i5

    offender: nexxiv his ign: 20i5 location: factions desc: possibly bad fac name evidence: https://i.badlion.net/HMRQFqmCRdAGwrqZSEEEgj.png